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A designer dress, no matter how expensive, just won't look right without the proper underwear. I cannot emphasize enough how important wearing the right underwear is and the value of investing in high quality shapewear.

High quality shapewear will literally shed the years and pounds off your figure. 

How do you know if you're getting what you pay for? It all boils down to the fit. Unlike regular shapewear found in most department stores, premium shapewear will fit like a glove and won't make you feel constrained even after hours of wearing it.

That is why it is also very important that you take your time deciding which size/style is best suited for your body type. This is where a relaxed and comfortable boutique as well as expertly trained staff to take your measurements come in.

At Pink Kurve Rockwell, you can't go wrong.

Pink Kurve Rockwell

Pink Kurve Rockwell is brought to you by the same powerhouse couple behind Hot Pink Lingerie. Kaye and Carlo Garcia realized that the demand for shapewear in our country has risen considerably through the years. They saw this as yet another opportunity to expand their business hence the conceptualization of Pink Kurve.

At Pink Kurve you will find first-rate lingerie brands from all over the world such as La Mystere, Body Wrap, Sassybax and Pull-in.

Bodywrap features seamless pieces designed to compliment a woman's figure and comfortable enough to wear everyday. Each style has panels with different levels of control that maximize the effect on targeted areas while enhancing others, creating the illusion of a trimmed body. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier :) Bodywrap is also pretty reasonably priced! A definite MUST-HAVE for all brides to be.

If your upperbody/back is your problem, then Sassybax is the perfect solution for you! Sassybax seamless bras virtually eliminate bulges around the back and torso. You know those fatty areas that just don't go away no matter how hard you work out!

Pull-in is a fun and quirky brand for both men and women. They mostly carry colorful underwear in fun prints that make perfect gifts for the young and young at heart.

Now my favorite, La Mystere.
La Mystere specializes in producing lingerie for the full-figured woman...okay so you might be thinking why me and how does this concern me since I seem pretty petite and skinny. Well, I'm not. I wouldn't normally share this cause I'm dyahe but for the sake of helping other Filipinas like me, I will.

I am extremely top heavy and unproportioned. I wear a 32DD bra (shhh!) and I know it's not obvious in my photos because I wear...repeat everyone: great fitting, high quality underwear!!! 

But it wasn't always like that. It used to be soooo difficult for me to buy tops, especially sleeveless ones. This was back in the day when I didn't know what my real size was yet. If you're skinny and top heavy like me, you will understand the pain of finding bras that fit. 99% of brands in the Philippines don't carry my size, choices are very limited and forget finding a great strapless pair. It is impossible. My only option before was to order abroad. Salesladies would always force me to fit into a 34C or 36C and I would comply because I didn't know any better and none of the brands then carried a full cup 32. So I spent years miserable, thinking I was fat and hopeless because no tops would fit properly. I used to resign myself to loose, shapeless clothing.  And having the right size really makes all the difference, I promise! :)

So hurray for La Mystere!!! (they carry up to a g cup!)

Body Wrap at Pink Kurve

Pull-In at Pink Kurve

 Invest, invest, invest! It is worth every penny! And just remember, when in doubt, choose nude. You can never go worng with skin tone.

For more information:

Call Pink Kurve at: 8981959 
or visit them at:  2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City


Chrissy said…
Yay! Bras for my size! I used to be miserable when it comes to finding bras--I used to be a 40D. Now I'm a 34B, but it's still really hard to find bras that fit! :(

I hope their stuff isn't too pricey!

~ my beauty blog
Hazel said…
I need to buy myself one of these!!! :D and ohh, you don't look top heavy on your photos at all!! GALING :D