Pussybows and Vintage Coach

pretty earrings from Envy

I know, I know, 4 or maybe 5 consecutive posts about underwear? I couldn't help it, Since the La Senza event, I was just on a roll and quite frankly discovering a new addiction for sexy, lace lingerie. And now that I've discovered Panache, me thinks Johnny Air will be my new best friend.

So anyway, moving on and taking a break from all the skivvies...

Have you guys read Rogue's expose on Bryanboy? If you haven't it's a must read. The article is filled with tons of allegations including credit card fraud, estafa, a defunkt travel website, chikatime and the gucci crew (o,o, got you intersested now, I bet, lol) and I still don't know what to make of it all. Although when you think about it, some things really don't add up. But I can't judge since I don't really know the person. I can only deduce and yet, I still don't find that a valid enough reason. Oh well, just read it and decide for yourself. I'm just saying it's VERY entertaining.

Again, moving on...I'm faced with a shoe dilemma again between two very classic pairs, black platform pumps from comfit or black ugland wedges from Aldo. Can you guys help me decide again?

comfit black platform pumps

aldo ugland wedges

I know, the Aldo's have been around for a long time but I've always really wanted a pair, I just could never find it in my size until a few days ago, plus it was on sale...sigh...HELP please? I have a couple of days to decide. Thank you! mwah! and please don't say both cause I'm broke as a joke after buying that Zara camo jacket :P

outfit: top from Pink Manila, shorts from Blessed Online Shop, Accessories from Envy, Shoes from VNC, Bag from Coach


krissy ♥ said…
I'm gonna be makulit and say "Life is short... Buy both." :)
Rotten Nuke said…
im such a fan of aldo too, but dont wanna be biased hehe both are black and gives that minimalist edge on you but i think aldo's strappy style make it more sexy :) either way, you will rock it hard! ;)



hazel said…
aldo ugland wedges just because it looks more harmless to wear ;)

Dress Me Up Buttercup
Mary Ann said…
i love the aldo wedges more, Sarah=) for me it more interesting =D
Issa said…
i think i like the platform pumps better because it is sexier :)
KT Villanueva said…
really cute outfit ,
it looks so chic .

i followed your blog btw .
Diana de Belen said…
ALDO WEDGES. I want that too eh :))

xx Diana
Chyrel Gomez said…
I like the pumps more than the wedges. Babe, share the link! Haha!
Roxanne said…
i love your shorts!
i think I like the platform pumps
because it looks more sexy and classic. but any pair will suit you naman eh ;)
Kath Rivera said…
I like both since need to choose one, I'll go for the pumps :)
Kath Rivera said…
I like both since need to choose one, I'll go for the pumps :)