Shoe Etiquette's Color Collection + Giveaway!

Remember Shoe Etiquette? I've mentioned it many, many times in this blog. It's my friend Denise of the blog Denise Katipunera's Shoe Shop and it's also where I bought these favorite ankle boots of mine.

Shoe Etiquette caries a yummy selection of shoe imports from the US at very affordable prices.

And there's Denise with her adorable son, Yllac.

So anyway, Shoe Etiquette just came out with it's latest collection yesterday and it is ADORBS!!!

I love love love the louboutin inspired pumps, don't you????

Here's your chance to win a pair, any pair from Shoe Etiquette! Denise is giving away a pair of your choice and the mechanics are SUPER EASY. Just check her blog: Denise Katipunera for more details.


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