Sleeveless Tux + Cap Toe Zebra Pumps


A basic outfit with a lot of oomph that is very simple to put's also very comfortable. I strongly suggest that you purchase a couple of great fitting basic white tees if you don't have any yet. They are the most versatile thing you will ever own and they are very, very easy to dress up or down. Plus, when they get old, they make the best house shirts :)

I love the fit and quality of Sexy White Shirt and Perfect White Shirt. In this post, I am wearing a V-neck from Sexy White tucked into old cigarette pants I bought from SM Ladies ages ago for a song (only P500 if I remember right) and pulled it together with a sleeveless tux that I bought from Ana during the last Supersale. Finished off the look with my cap toe zebra pumps from CMG and oversized cateye sunglasses from The Little Things She Needs  for added character.

TLTSN oversized cateye sunglasses, sexy white shirt tee, sm ladies pants, CMG Stacatto cap toe zabra pumps 


Chyrel Gomez said…
Love this. Love white and black together.
Issa said…
love everything about the look especially the shoes :)