Talk About Camo and New iPhones

Here's a laidback outfit I wore for some errands a few days ago. I am sooo in love with my camo jacket from Zara and I have been wearing it practically everyday as long as the weather permits. I was planning to go back for the trousers but as luck would have it, my phone conked out yesterday and I had to buy a new one at the last minute. Don't you just hate unplanned purchases? Specially when it's something you don't really want to spend on? I was perfectly fine and happy with my iphone and to have to buy another iphone of the same model to replace it with just plain sucks. I'm not about to shell out a cool 55k for an iphone 5, besides I don't really like the way it looks. I find it awkward, I don't care how high tech they claim it to be. So anyway, because of that purchase yesterday, my plans of getting new trousers + my birthday handbag savings got a huge shave off it. I guess my micro luggage will have to wait a little longer. I sooooo want it but it's soooo freaking expensive. *sigh Reminds me of that saying by someone that goes: "Whoever said that money can't buy happiness didn't know where to shop." LOL, who said that again? I forget.

Gotta go. Hope you guys have a great Sunday.

outfit: camouflage jacket from Zara, bell bottoms from Topshop, perfect white shirt muscle tee


Nofy Tendenilla said…
that statement is from Gossip Girls :)) anyway i love how you write :)
vanessa east said…
uh oh. i looooove everything here! im re-living my love for flared pants and camo. bad trip lang cause this manong outside our building was telling the other manongs not to bother me cause sundalo daw BF ko (pointing to my camo jacket) kakainis. hehehe i have to see this zara jacket upclose! looking lovely, sarah :) take care always.

Chyrel Gomez said…
I recently purchased a jacket similar to yours but never had the chance to wear it cause it's so sunny lately. There's not much difference between the 4S and the 5. I don't really keep up with technology but I badly want an iphone all of a sudden.