Wabi-Sabi Review + What I Wore

So a couple weeks ago, Dennis's license was confiscated by the Mapsa for a busted headlight. This would normally stress me out but knowing that the Mapsa office is located right across The Collective lightens the load a little bit.

In case you haven't been or heard of The Collective, it is a former warehouse turned  haven for independent shops and restaurants. One of the restaurants found here is Wabi-Sabi, a vegetarian place.

I used to be a pescatorian so I don't really have issues with vegemeat but Dennis is a big meat-eater, he only agreed to have a snack at the place because he had np idea that it was pure vegan. I only told him that we were having ramen and vietnamese banh mi's.


Wabi-sabi is small and cozy and the staff are very friendly. They make you feel like a regular even if it's only your first time. They also sell imported vegan condiments in a small corner of the restaurant.

ramen at wabi-sabi

vietnamese banh mi at wabi-sabi

  Prices at Wabi-sabi are very reasonable, expect to be filled to the brim for only P150. Wabi-sabi is one of the best vegan restos I've ever tried. It even got the approval from Dennis who is a certified carnivore so it's not just me, the place is really good and worth a try.

outfit: Nava pullover, topshop aerobic sneakers, forever21 leopard print skinnies, rayban wayfarers


A N A G O N said…
Yummmyyy sana matry ko na sha :) Mura pa a!
Unknown said…
Love the sweater & Cute pics!

Chyrel Gomez said…
Love the graffiti! Miss food trips with Bal.
CJ said…
Wabi-Sabi sounds good! I've been to The Collective before but haven't tried the restaurants there.