What I Choose...

Thanks for helping me out yesterday. It was quite difficult but I finally made my decision. Thanks to my favorite "daughter" Tracy, for pointing out that pumps are easy to come by anytime but the Aldo's were unique and quite impossible to find again. So yes, I chose the Aldo's. They'll be arriving at my doorstep probably today or Monday.

Heniwei, while having my morning coffee and browsing my morning paper (facebook), I came across these on my timeline:

baroque pumps

Nice noh??? They're from Nastygal and they got my panties and credit cards all in a twist! hahaha

Anyway, I got a week to decide since they aren't available online yet. That's it. Just thought I'd share cause it got me really excited. Might publish an outfit post later. Have a great weekend eveyrone!


Diana de Belen said…
Nice!! So bongga. <3 Pang Anna Dello Russo.

xx Diana
Rhea said…
Love this shoes! Makes me feel that I should buy one too. :(