Where To Buy D-H Large Cup Bras - updated

Although most Filipina's  average bra size revolve around the a-b, sometimes c cups, there is still a vast minority out there with special needs like me.

When your band size measures 32" and your cup is a whopping double d or if you wear similarly unproportioned sizes, then your problems start.

There are only 2 boutiques in our country that offer those sizes and they always come in very limited styles and colors, most of the time in the plain, nude, tshirt bra variety. (Which I have no problem with, in fact, nude t-shirt bras are an essential in every woman's closet.) But what to do and where to go for those certain occasions when you feel extra naughty or playful?

And what about sport bras? Forget finding a decent fitting pair in your size. It is virtually impossible.

Or should I say was?

The frustration of constant exchange emails with relatives in the states to buy me bras have driven me to find them myself. Apparently, my size isn't only hard to find here but in the whole east coast as well.

....And this is how I discovered Panache.

It's a well-endowed girl's paradise! Not only do they carry sexy lingerie but also sport bras and swimwear at very affordable prices too.

Just check out some of the Panache Bras I've been eyeing lately....

masquerade lingerie by panache

swimwear by panache
Hope this post helps you girls who have been asking me about this issue. Happy Shopping! :)

New In!!! I just discovered another alternative site that carries almost the same stuff at REALLY affordable prices. Check out My Curves & Me. They have bras of all shapes, colors, sizes and functions for all DD sizes including 28" bands! Gorgeous lace nickers start at just $6. Aside from that, there's a plethora of beautiful swimsuits taht are perfect for the upcoming summer season. Definitely worth checking out.


Unknown said…
This is amazing!!! I've been bra shopping at Marks and Spencer and La Senza, but you're right, there really aren't that many options for a size 38D here in Manila. Thanks for sharing. You just made my day!