a legend in my own right

As a Filipino, aren't you tired of being associated with fame only by affinity because some Hollywood celebrity's great, great grandparent happened to have a Filipino for a wife once upon a time? Don't you want to be recognized for who YOU are and not by who you were with for once?

Although not taken seriously as musicians until recent times, The Blue Brothers managed to bring light into a genre that was forgotten by most of today's youth by injecting it with their own special flavor of humor. Until then, Blues was a genre mostly recognized only by blacks and serious musicians. The advent of the Blues Brothers brought the Blues Genre into the spotlight and the hearts of the mainstream. A task not easily done.

And that is precisely the reason why I chose to emulate them for a Ray-Ban Legends advertorial project that I was chosen to participate in along with several other fashion bloggers.

Just like the Blues, blogging is yet to explode and make its impact on the masses. Despite the recent notoriety we have been enjoying, it is still exclusive to certain circles only. As part of the blogging community,    it is my dream to make it as common and within reach as a regular broadsheet. I want my voice to be heard by everyone regardless of age, gender and social standing. 

And what you say, shall I do with this not yet achieved stature of fame?

I would like to bring Filipino talent into the limelight by utilizing the amount of online influence I have at my dispense in my own unconventional ways. There are so many independent Filipino artists who deserve to be recognized and given a break. We, as a nation, have what it takes to be iconic. We just need that extra push, that certain light of hope to give us the courage to pursue our dreams and not take that day job. 

It is the plague of living in the third world that prevents most of us from taking that leap of faith. The lack of expendable resources that results in a weak heart. Why should we try when so many have failed already? So many have failed not because they werent talented enough or educated enough, most didn't succeed because of a lack of recognition. In an industry where success is measured by fame, not being recognized is a recipe for immediate failure.

Thankfully, this is fast turning into a bygone era with the arrival of social media. Highly paid, decision making executives are fast becoming replaced by the voice of the people through Twitter and Facebook. For once, our opinions are being heard and recognized.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel after all and I aspire to be the person who will focus your attention towards this glimmer of hope.

And that my friends, is how I plan to be legendary in my own way.


hat from nava shop | necktie from celio | forever 21 blazer | sm ladies wear trousers | rayban sunglasses

awesome photos by Dex of Flipeye Fotografi

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sarah i love your photo! legend na legend!:)

The Bargain Doll
sarah i love your photo! legend na legend!:)

The Bargain Doll
Dane said…
Oh, I love this!

Aileen Kim said…
the photos are amazing!!!
Issa said…
love the photos! go, go, go on becoming a legend Miss Sarah :)