Beatles Lady Madonna Shirt

Aaaaand we're back to awkward faces and poses once again! :P 

Dennis is suuuper shy, probably one of the shyest people I have ever met in my entire life. This is precisely the reason why he has such a hard time taking my outfit photos. He gets dyahe. So forget outfit shots in public. Mine are forever resigned to our fire escape where it's private and secluded. Except on this day when  our sole neighbor that shares the same said exit decided to open their door and hang out with his friends.

I had to force Papa D to take the shots which resulted in about 10 quick "sportslike" burst shots and a booming exclamation of "Okay na yan!" (that'll do)

What else could I do but just try and salvage what I could? One day when I'm in an exceptionally good mood, I will share some outtakes with you. I have many. Dennis has a talent of focusing on the ceiling rather than the subject most of the time. :P

I'm not making sense. My head hurts so bad. I partied a little too hard and downed a little too many bottles of "truth serum" last night after the Keane concert which was beyond EPIC! So I gotta go.

Laters, baby!

Oh wait, wearing my new jeans from Wrangler which are awesome! Love the fit and color, so comfortable with just the right amount of "rockstar tightness". :P

Beatles Lady Madonna Shirt by Apple Corps | Forever 21 blazer | Wrangler Phil Jeans | CMG Pumps | Blessed Online accessories


A N A G O N said…
Natatawa ako kay Papa D! Hehehehe, looking forward sa ceiling, putol pics post mo! ;D
Unknown said…
love the blazer :)
Gellie Abogado said…
I love the blazer, Sarah! :)
Rizza Lana said…
Your shirt Sarah <3

Plus envious about the Keane concert =|

Keep rockin'!
Kath Rivera said…
Love the outfit :)Sana may courage din ako mag take ng outfit shot sa public. Same with ze hubby na sobrang shy so both kami shy.
Chyrel Gomez said…
I've always loved jeans from Wrangler and I hear you about outfit shots! Love this look. Model off duty ang peg.