Bootcut To Skinny Jeans Tutorial

Morning Peeps! Today's tutorial will teach you not only how to turn your outdated bootcut jeans to skinny but also how to take in the legs of any pair of jeans you have. No need to throw out an old favorite pair of jeans just because you lost some weight. Alter it to your perfect size in less than an hour with this super easy DIY.

What You'll Need:

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Sewing Machine/Needle and Thread
  3. Scissors
  4. Jeans that fit well (optional)
  5. chalk/crayon/pencil 

Here's How:

First you have to lay your "bad" jeans on your work table inside out making sure the seams are aligned. Put your "good jeans" on top and trace its shape on your "bad jeans" using chalk or whatever you have ready.

If you don't have a pair of "good jeans", don't fret, just put on your "bad jeans" inside out, pinch the excess fabric off to one side and mark with your chalk. Take them off and re-mark with chalk to create a straight line that meets the old side hem.

Next, we sew along the chalk mark starting from the top heading towards the bottom hem:

Make sure your new hem meets the old hem at the top:
(red=old hem, black =new hem)

If you don't have a serger like me, just zig-zag the edges and cut off excess fabric afterwards. If you're using needle and thread, do a blanket stitch or skip this step entirely :P

And lastly, cut excess fabric to meet your desired length. Mine's about 5" :P I'm that short it sucks. Haha. Don't forget to leave about 1/2" allowance.

  • additional tip: Check the side seams of your jeans before altering. Notice one side has two stitches while the other side has a "hidden seam"? You will always want to cut and alter on the side with the "hidden seam" as seen in the photo above.

Next up, how to hem jeans "back to original".


Chrissy said…
Lovely tutorial. I have a few pairs of pants I want to do this to!
David Hudson said…
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