Denim Jacket + Maxi Skirt


Aaaaaand the maxi's are back! Stopped wearing them for awhile cause I used to put them on so often, not to mention, sew them, that I kinda got tired of styling them. After several months of absence though, I began to miss them the same way I would a dear friend. I still find them one of the easiest and most comfortable things to wear. Spiced it up a little this time by adding a long slit on the side which is sadly not visible at all in the photos. We were in such a rush to shoot that I totally forgot about the slit. My top priority anyway was to get a good shot of these shades which I picked up a few days ago at Ray-Ban Collectors.

I'm not quite sure but I think they're called Milanos (that's what it says on my box, will further clarify and correct this if I'm wrong). Very similar in shape to the wayfarer except for the slight difference along the top corner portions. These sweep out a little bit more and it's exactly the reason why I fell in love with them. Add to the fact that they're brown, matte and fit my face like a glove. I hate it when sunglasses keep on slipping down my nose. It's totally irritating and defeats the purpose of wearing shades at all. I mean why put em on when you can't keep them on anyway? So that is the first thing I look for when shopping for shades aside from the obvious fact that it should suit me. Ray-Ban Milanos are one of the latest style offerings from Ray-Ban this season. They are not as common as the wayfarer but they still manage to give off the ultra-chic effortless style that Ray-Bans are best know for.

And just so you know, Ray-Ban collectors is giving away a pair of sunglasses every week! Check out their social media sites for details:

Ray-Ban Collectors on Facebook and Twitter
Eye Statement on Facebook and Twitter

wrangler denim jacket | perfect white shirt muscle tee | red maxi skirt with slit by me (order through | single spike earring from streetfashionwalk | CMG bag strap used as necklace | Tkees from the Flatshop | "chaos" arm cuff by Anagon | Ray-ban sunglasses | multi-spike bangle from Blessed ONline


Melai said…
No one wears maxi skirts best than you! :)

Melai of Style and Soul
Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your maxi skirt! <3
Issa said…
I love how you style your maxi skirts! :)