DIY leather rosette headband - marni inspired

I've been missing my long hair a lot lately to the point that I've even considered getting permanent hair extensions. But 'til then, I've decided to just have fun with my short hair. Statement headpieces look really cute on short bobs so I decided to make a Marni inspired leather rosette headband.

For this project you will need:

  1. scrap leatherette or any fabric you desire
  2. scissors
  3. ruler or measuring tape
  4. plain black headband or any headband + black ribbon
  5. hot glue gun
  6. scrap paper


Using your scrap paper, roughly cut out a flower shape that measures how big you want your rosette to be. Mine measures around 3.5".

Pin it or trace it onto your leatherette material and cut out 9 flowers:

Cut out a small circle out of your leather which you will use as a base for your flower. Around 2" in diameter.

Fold your cut out flowers into quarters and stick onto your circle:

Four on the first layer then attach 3 more folded flowers on top for your second layer. Make sure you stick them at a different angle on the second layer for a fuller rosette:

Next, you'll want to fold your last remaining flower in half then roll into a cone to create the bud, that or you can opt for a button.

You can cut your cone shorter if you find it too long. I snipped about .5" off mine.

Glob on a generous amount of glue to the center of your rosette and stick your bud in there:

Fluff it up a bit and check where you might need to add more glue.

Attach to your headband or pin for a brooch.

I didn't have a black headband on me so I wrapped an old headband in black ribbon instead:

This headband will instantly add glam to any outfit. It will also look great as an accent piece for your costume this Halloween. Make them in bright colors for your little girls! The possibilities are endless and it will take you less than an hour to complete this project.

Hope you like! :)


Unknown said…
Oh this is so cute! I will try this too but maybe in pink haha :P

Sai from Fashion by Sai (The Fashionista) and Fashion by Sai on Tumblr
Bianca Sing said…
Love your DIYs, Mommy <3

A N A G O N said…
Ang cute nito, and neat pa IRL ng headband :) Ms DIY Queen ka na talaga! ;)
Issa said…
you are really good with your hands Miss Sarah! Another nice DIY! Oh, I wish I have a little girl so I can make her this headband :)
Unknown said… this accent piece!!! you make it look so easy Ms. Sarah!
Jessamer Abing said…
Wow, this is super cute, gonna make my own version :)
Unknown said…
oh! so creative! this can be a great christmas gift for my pamangkings. thanks for sharing.