Dressed Up "Pupung" Shirt From SOLO

I was given this "Pupung" shirt as a gift from Solo last mooncake festival/autumn fest. It's made with super soft cotton and I can imagine it being a perfect choice for lounging and laidback afternoons. With those ideas precisely in mind, I decided to take it upon myself as a challenge and prove otherwise. Turns out it isn't so difficult to dress up Pupung after all. With just a little bling here and there, you can create a grown up outfit revolving around this funny little guy!

Although still laidback in its intentions (I wore this to the grocery after all), I think I managed to achieve what I was going for...and I actually had a lot of fun doing this. After blogging outfit after outfit for several years, it starts to get a little monotonous, an out of character piece like this sort of brings the spontaniety and challenge back to it which inspires me to create several more outfits revolving around this shirt. What do you think? :)

jacket/trench from NAVA | Solo Pupung Shirt | Jhajing Necklace and Bangle | Streetfashion Walk Single Spike Earring | Bottomline Leather Shorts | CMG Shoes


Unknown said…
pupung and friends hehe, nice shirt and love how you partnered it with a red jacket ;)
A N A G O N said…
Ang galing how youre able to dress up the tee! Kung ako baka shinorts or pants ko lang sha, although di nag fit sakin boohooo but Cea loves it, ang cute and panalo din the tela! :) true, ang saya din ng style challenge a.. Infer ok yun idea ni kelly para di boring hehe :)
Unknown said…
I love how you styled the pupung shirt :)

Unknown said…
MY GOD, I love your necklace!

Gellie Abogado said…
I love the jacket, Sarah! :)
Gorgeous as always, momma Sarah!! I love your tee and necklace! ♥

Unknown said…
I love how you dressed it up with those pretty accessories. Who says you can't make t-shirts look fashionable? You surely made it look good. :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
I'd say go for it! You've always been so creative. =)