Floral Blazer + Stripes

DIY bracelts

This is what I wore when I went shopping at The Body Shop with Ana, Paul and Krissy a few days ago. (read about it HERE)

These pants were gifted to me sometime ago. Sometime ago being the operative word. Although I really liked the color and wash, the cut was all wrong. It was one of those "bootcut" denims that were so popular over 10 years ago but don't really fall properly with any shoe. They were in the back of my closet for the longest time and I had all the sincere intentions to have them altered. I just never got around to doing it. I didn't want to spend (I'm guessing around P500) to take in the legs and shorten them. So a few days ago, I took matters into my own hands and did the alterations myself. Even did the whole "back to original" hem thing. Happy to say that it is actually very easy to alter jeans and I will share the process with you soon since I also miss doing DIY posts.

Speaking of DIYs, I am fresh running out of ideas and inspiration so if there is anything out there that you'd want a tutorial for, please feel free to hit me up on twitter or email admin@fashioneggplant.com with your requests. I will try to accomodate as many as I can as long as my abilities will permit.

outfit: redhead by SM gtw blazer | tyler shirt | american rag denim | vnc sandals | DIY bracelets | Blessed Online rings | kenneth cole belt


hi sarah! it's really been a while since i've been here..i'm trying to get back to bloggin full force now, after being buried with crazy work.hehe.

i know what you mean about having jeans that are ill-fitting. i usually cut them off to make them into shorts if i get desperate (or if my dad doesn't get around to altering them)...yes, our dad does our alterations. :)

anyway, love the floral blazer with the striped top. so fresh even with the gloomy weather..see you soon sarah!

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You look so sophisticated..:) at ang galing nyo po talaga gumawa ng mga bagay bagay ..:)
lawyerdoll said…
Wow... I wish I saw more of the necklace. Gorgeous!