ForMe + Shoe Etiquette + Keane

I wore this sometime ago to the Cotton On launch in SM MOA. Just forgot to post the photos (typical :P)

All I remember about that day was rushing to make it in time which is almost always the case for events in MOA. It's just sooo far away from where I live and the traffic you get is unbelievable. We counted it one time and we were able to come up with about 7 choke points (meaning where busses decide to congregate and flaunt their fat asses without moving on the roads) from our place til Roxas. Crazy.

So anyway, the distance plus the travel time was why I didn't have much time to spend on deciding what to wear. If you remember, this entire outfit minus the shoes was the winning outfit I styled for ForMe some months ago. Saw it still hanging all together in my closet so I grabbed everything and was dressed in under 5 minutes. This time though, instead of pairing it with my topshop wedges, I decided to go with my ever reliable boots from Shoe Etiquette. A place as big as MOA is made for comfy shoes and you won't get any comfier than these.

Until yesterday! :)

Despite waking up with what seemed like a hangover from hell, my day brightened up a bit with all the sweet surprise packages that arrived from the mail.

And these Louboutin-esque pumps which were gifted to me by Denise of Shoe Etiquette were my favorite of  the day.

I loved them so much, I put them on and started walking around the house in them :)) And what surprised me the most were how comfy they were. They FIT LIKE A GLOVE!!! Which means zero to minimal strain on my feet. Uh-mazing for such an affordable pair of pumps right? Why spend gazillions on YSL tribtoo's when you can achieve the same comfort and style for oh just a little over 1K? Diba??? But I take back what I said about tribtoo's. Get both! hahahaha

And most importantly pala, they look soooooo sexxxyyyyy when you put them on! ;)

Gia from Shoe Etiquette

Just like reliable shoes and clothes, you also need reliable friends to make life easier. I never thought I would make new friends which were worth keeping and pouring your heart out to after college but I did. And quite surprisingly, through blogging.  So you never really know.

I remember back when I started blogging, I really had no idea what it was about. For me, it really was just like an online journal where I could type shit I didn't want to forget. So the first few times I was given invites to events, I would always decline cause I thought it was like an "eyeball" party, now I know no pala. But I'm glad I decided to go to my first event ever or I probably would never have met or be in the same relationship I am now with Ana and Krissy. (I miss you too Paxie) I love you too Paul and Niche :-x

After the Keane Manila Concert 2012

Okay, tama na emo hits for the day, it's just that I've been listening to Keane since the other day and their music just brings back so many memories. Still can't get over the concert. SUPER EPIC, SUPER SULIT. They played around 20-23 songs. Some songs I never heard before but am such a big fan of now. Keane plays music from the soul for the soul. They have a way of taking you back to the basics, back to what really matters and it's what my musical soul has been craving for for such a looong time. It's what these talented but "over-technical" young musicians need to learn to master. Important stuff they don't teach you in school.


krissy ♥ said…
"Keane plays music from the soul for the soul." <33333

Meron din ako scheduled post for later about the concert hihihi. Thanks again Madam Sarah! I'm glad I met you, too! Love you! <3
A N A G O N said…
I love you Sarah T!!!! Hehehehe.
-Cheesy Gonzales :)
Yen said…
I like Keane! I follow them on Twitter but sadly I'm too far from Manila to watch their concert. :/
Kath Rivera said…
Yay for the happy friendships you have :) Ang cool talaga ng samahan nyo!!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
Goosebumps and jealousy. I love all the outfits too. =)