How To Hem Jeans "Back To Original"

Now that you've learned how to alter your jeans to it's perfect size HERE, it's time to shorten it to your desired length without making it looked "altered". 

In this second installment of my "denim tutorial", I will teach you guys how to shorten the legs of your pants and re-attach the original hem to make it look straight out of the factory.

What You'll Need:
  1. Seam Ripper
  2. Needle and Thread/Sewing Machine
  3. Scissors

How To:

First up, measure and cut off the excess length of your jeans leaving about a half inch allowance:

Undo a part of the original hem + side seams:

If you're using a sewing machine, now would be a good time to switch your standard foot into the zipper foot:

Re-stitch the side seams all the way down to the hem:

Fold the hem again and stitch:

It should look like this:

Cut off your new hems with about a half inch allowance:

Making sure seams are aligned with the right sides facing each other, sew hem back to jeans:

Like this: (try to sew along the lines of your original hem so your alterations will be less visible)

The allowance shouldn't be as big as this but for the sake of this tutorial, I gave more allowance so it's easier for you to see the steps. Anyway, it should basically look like this with a lot less allowance between the original hem stitch and new hem:

Next, you can opt to iron the new seams down first or go ahead with it like me and just stretch them apart with your fingers so they lay flat:

Then stitch as close to the fold as possible all the way round.

And you're done!

When you do it properly, this is how your finished pair of jeans should look like:

Alterations are almost invisble!

Hope you guys found this tutorial helpful. Feel free to email me at for any questions or DIY requests.


lawyerdoll said…
Subtle... nicely done!
vanessa east said…
very very helpful for a short girl like me hehe thankssss for this, sarah :)))will try doing this :)

Joanna Capati said…
Aww, great tips! If only I know how to use a sewing machine then I'll do it hehe it might be fun!
David Hudson said…
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