Inside A Saladbox - A Review

If you haven't heard about The Saladbox yet, it's basically a mail service that you subscribe to for free beauty samples delivered to your doorstep each month.

For the curious bunch, I decided to share with you my unboxing of a Saladbox so you can decide for yourself if you'd like to avail of the service.

Your Saladbox will be delivered to your doorstep via courier. Inside the packet, you will find a mintgreen box protected with a white sleeve:

As you open your box, you will find an info sheet that lists down all your freebies for the month:

For only P500/month this is what you get:

Mineral Eyeshadow by Virginia Olsen

Full size Hotshop Pour Femme Happy Fragrance worth P400

Sakura Hand Sanitizer Foam

Pillow Mist from BC FRagrance

Camaru Naturals Bamboo Charcoal Clarifying Soap - P150

Natura Cosmetics Gorgeous! Argan Cheek and Lip Stik - P150

Black Beauty Samples

Although I'm not really sure exactly how much everything in my box costs, my rough estimate would be around P1000 +. Paying half for all these plus the excitement and anticipation of receiving a greenbox that makes you feel like its your birthday each month makes the service well worth it for me.

How about you? 

for more info and to sign up for your very own Saladbox, visit:


Ethel said…
My October box wasn't as great as yours, unfortunately. :( Made my own article about it.
Issa said…
This is exciting! For a minimal fee, you get to try different product samples! winner!
Lourdes Espanol said…
I haven't subscribed yet. I have Glamourbox and BDJ Box subscriptions though.
Unknown said…
Lovely eye shadow colors xoxox ...
Anonymous said…
I received my December Saladbox today. It didn't meet my expectations either. Only the Carmex lip balm is good.

It contained:

1 carmex lip balm (which I love)
1 2 grams Virginia Olsen blush
1 Osmo Berber Oil
1 2 ml Musk by Alyssa Ashley sample

And a bunch of vouchers :( I don't think the 500 is worth it. The BDJ box is definitely much better.