Lyn Leopard Sandals + Denim On Denim

This is what I wore to another chill night spent with friends last Saturday.

Chose something laidback but still presentable. I usually just wear shorts and a tee or something slightly a notch higher than pambahay (houseclothes) whenever we go drinking at a friend's house but I noticed that super lazy outfits result in a super lazy Sarah. Meaning I get sleepy a lot earlier than usual and end up going home several hours  ahead of our self-imposed curfew. Not good since this is the few times in a week that me and Dennis get to have alone time and relax. This is why I decided to make a slight effort last Saturday and it worked. Dressing up a bit definitely keeps you more alert and game for a couple more rounds ;)

Pink Manila Chambray Polo | Bershka Skinnies | Vintage Belt | DIY Accessories | LYN Leopard Sandals


Chyrel Gomez said…
I super agree. Sometimes, what we wear, affects our mood.