Monotheme Birthday Countdown Giveaway

As some of you may know, I will be celebrating my birthday next month, the 30th of November to be exact. 

Aside from a big birthday giveaway I have planned next month, I decided to make it a bit more fun by holding a birthday giveaway countdown where I will draw one lucky winner of a Monotheme fragrance set each week!

I love Monotheme and their fragrances (gardenia is my personal fave), they are earth-friendly and will leave you smelling delicious! So as a thanksgiving to all my readers for your continuous support these past few years, I would like to share it with you.

1 lucky winner will get the chance to win either a 30ml or 100ml fragrance set in 3 of my top favorite Monotheme scents, white musk, gardenia and rose.

(to know more about the brand monotheme, you can visit my post or check the monotheme website)

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*all entries will be valid throughout the giveaway duration period


Unknown said…
Wilhelmina Balondo
Mina Balondo
Unknown said…
Carmencita Watkins
Carmen Watkins
Quima May Renegado
GFC: Quima
Unknown said…
name: Maura Faye Victoria
email add:
gfc name: maura victoria
Unknown said…
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11gHiEsZeLLe07 said…
Gizzele Alfonso
GFC: 11ghieszelle07
Issa said…
Norissa Chavez
GFC: Issa
Nina said…
Irina Sagarbarria
irina.sagarbarria at gmail dot com
GFC: Nina

Thank you!
Mare said…
Mary Ann Dennis
Perlita Fernandez
gfc: Perlita Fernandez
Perlita Fernandez
Perlita Fernandez
Istin said…
Maria Christina Gumatay
Cha said…
great giveaway!
Cha Salvador
Charisse Yungco-Salvador (gfc)
Unknown said…
Lemonette Arroyo
Lemichii Chan
Unknown said…
Nikka Krusher
Marie Castro said…
Marie Danicia Castro
mariedanicia @ yahoo . com
Marie Castro
Amy Orvin said…
Amy Orvin
GFC Follower as Amy Orvin
Melissa Camacho said…
Name: Melissa Camacho
GFC: Melissa Camacho
Jackie Canuto said…
Jacqueline Baluca Canuto
Jacqueline Canuto

Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah!

~ Jack
Unknown said…
Marie Jane Rosell Jaime
Marie Jane Rosell Jaime
Unknown said…
Claire Sereno
mayee xin
Unknown said…
Tina Elaine Resuello
Joanna Capati said…
Joanna Capati
GFC: Joanna Delos Santos Capati
Marieyuhh ♥ said…
Name : Maria Rosario Theresa F. Refuerzo
EMail :
GFC name : Maria Refuerzo

:D <3
Unknown said…
Katleya Ballada
GCF: Eyah Ballada
Carlo Xci said…
Name : Francis Falucho

Email Add:

GFC Name : Francis Falucho
leilani said…
leilani C sonza
GFC: leilani sonza

Thank you Sarah!!
Joy said…
Name: Lovely Joy Merced
GFC: Joy Merced
Unknown said…
Snow Dee
gfc: Snow dee
Roxanne said…
Roxanne Limpante
GFC: Roxanne

thanks sarah!
yey for free fragrance :D
svetlana said…
Cathy Talens
GFC - Svetlana
Kimberly Tiu said…
Kimberly Camille Tiu

GFC: Kimberly Camille Tiu
svetlana said…
thanks for this awesome giveaway.. !!!

advance happy bday!! :D
Paula Dela Cruz said…

Ma. Catherine Paula Dela Cruz
Paula Dela Cruz
Annie said…
Annie Egalin
Annie Egalin
Aizel Macaldo said…
Aizel Camille Macaldo
aizel camille
jawsmayobanico said…
Jawaher Banico
Jawaher Banico
jawsmayobanico said…
Jawaher Banico
Jawaher Banico
jawsmayobanico said…
When a blogger has such amazing products, it means she is trusted and and her works are truly one-of-a-kind. Happy Birthday Ms. Sarah!♥ God Bless and more blessings :)
Unknown said…
Name: June Izabelle Roque
GFC: June Izabelle
Hzl said…
Hazel Uri
Zelle ♥
Rhania E. said…
Rhania Chang
jawsmayobanico said…
Jawaher Banico
Jawaher Banico
Unknown said…
name: Bagel Betorin
email ad: chinky.baguette(at)gmail(dot)com
gfc name: Bagel Betorin
mhoie1325 said…
Ma. Elinor Semira
elinorsemira0124 at gmail dot com
Sadel Fauni said…
Sadel Fauni
GFC; Sadel Fauni
rachel Garrie said…
Rachel Lamano
GFC: rachel Garrie lamano
Allyssa Clutario
Essa Polanco

Essa Polanco
Unknown said…
Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
GFC: Angelamhiere
Mihaela Pojogu said…
mihaela pojogu
mihaela.mihordea at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
Carlos Andres
GFC: Carlos Lang
Kath Rivera said…
Katherine Rivera
Janice Que said…
Janice Que
GFC NAME: Janice Que
jayresa said…
name: theresa montino
gfc: jayresa

just in time. :) my perfume is almost empty. hope to win! ^^
henley said…
Henley Tabal
GFC name: purpel
Lourdes Espanol said…
Name: Lourdes D. Espanol
GFC Name: Malou
mariel mangubat said…
Mariel Mangubat
gfc: ayenahmariel
gayle sy said…
Abigail Sy
GFC name: Gayle Sy
Crysy said…
Crystal Marie Cañete
GFC: Crysy
TheAuthor said…
Jeniffer Gangan
Jeny Gangan
Unknown said…
james jun m. cubelo
Zeti Cuenca said…
Marie Lyzette Cuenca
Zeti Cuenca
Anonymous said…
Jason R. Rabino
jhessica said…
jhessica recto
gcf;jhessica recto
Rachel Canales said…
Rachel Canales
jannell cajote
rejj said…
name:Rejj Sibayan
email ad:
gfc name: Rejj Sibayan
Nicole Valderrama said…
Nicole Valderrama
Super Shaznae said…
Krystal Pearl Braga
GFC: Krystal Pearl Braga
name: Alleyson Laurice R. Rabino
email ad:
gfc name: Alleyson Laurice
Jessamer Abing said…
Name:Jessamer Abing
gfc: Jessa Abing
Agnes Dela Cruz said…
Agnes Dela Cruz
GFC Agnes DC
thank you for this awesome giveaway! perfect Christmas gift :)
Unknown said…
Ruth Presbitero Calsada
cai presby :)
madjewelled said…
jewel dela cruz
madjewelled at yahoo dot com
Jessie Abing said…
jessiemer abing
Say said…
name: Say Yap
gfc: Say Yap
Name: Claudine Lao Miranda
GFC: Claudine Lao Miranda
Lora Esguerra said…
Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra
Lora Esguerra
Lora Esguerra said…
Lora Maria Teresa Esguerra
Lora Esguerra
demoiselleQ said…
name: guinevere qua
email ad:
gfc name: demoiselleQ
nagrade said…
name- Valentina
email- allthegiveaways [at] gmail [dot] com
gfc- nagrade
leo said…
leo rances garcia

leo garcia
Kristina Kemešić
GFC: Kristina Kemešić
Despina T. said…
despoina telligiannidou
gfc despoina telligiannidou
aida said…
Aida Villanueva
GFC Name: aida
Anonymous said…
Reina Tee
Madame Heather said…
Heather Paulding GFC


AbSa said…
name: abeer
gfc: absa

i also commented on
mayla lagrimas said…
Mayla Lagrimas
GFC: Mayla Lagrimas
mayla lagrimas said…
Mayla Lagrimas
GFC: Mayla Lagrimas
Barbra J said…
Beejay Egougan
GfC: Beejay Egougan
Barbra J said…
This is the first time I'm hearing of this brand. It looks very interesting. Somehow it reminds be of Crabtree & Evelyn + L'Occitane + Marks and Spencer. It's crazy, I know. But the idea of the fusion--sounds like a winner to me :)
Unknown said…
Rizza R. Revereza
Rizza Revereza
Unknown said…
Czaroma Roman
cza[dot]roman at yahoo dot com
GFC: czaroma
ladymishel said…
Michelle Ame
GFC: LadyMishel
Anonymous said…
Kimberly Nieves
Anonymous said…
Kimberly Nieves
Unknown said…
Mary Gee Ismael
Bachuchay said…
Unknown said…
Jay Mark Hallasgo
Jay Mark Hallasgo
Glenn Encinares said…
Name: Glenn Encinares
GFC: Glenn Encinares
Sadi said…
name: Sadi

email add:

GFC : Sadi
Chloe said…
Name: Chona Gomba
email add: chonagomba AT gmail DOT com
GFC name: Chona Gomba
Jaja Borja Laure said…
Name: Jaja Borja Laure
Email ad:
GFC name: Jaja Borja Laure
myril mae said…
name: Myril Mae Magdael
email ad:
gfc name: Myril Mae Magdael
raych said…
Raych Ramos
gfc: Raych Ramos

Unknown said…
Julie Ann Tolentino
GFC: Julz Tolentino

Advance Happy Birthday! =)
Unknown said…
Hi Ms Sarah!

Jennifer Aguirre
GFC: Lucky Vixen

Advance Happy Birthday! ♥
Tere Decena said…

i'm Joining! :D
name:Therese Decena
gfc name:Therese Decena
Rafunzelbiyaya said…
joan rafunzel medina Happy birthday :)
Rafunzelbiyaya said…
joan rafunzel medina happy birthday.
reylyn cruz said…
Name: Reylyn Cruz
e-mail add:
gfc name: reylyn cruz
twitter id: iamreylyncruz
Unknown said…
Belle Lopez
Belle Lopez
Anonymous said…
gloria johnson
gloria4869 gfc
Anonymous said…
gloria johnson
gloria4869 gfc
Unknown said…
Thanks for the giveaway ...
GFC: Sania
Name: Sania Akbar
Email: sania dot akbar at live dot comments
Unknown said…
katrina vitor
rhose_luv said…
Marine Rose Decena
Marine Rose Decena
acodeza said…
arra odeza
arra odeza (gfc)
Lorices said…
lorices pearl paiton
Unknown said…
Mikee Mae V. Garcia
Mikee Garcia
rachel Garrie said…
rachel lamano
gfc: rachel garrie lamano
Unknown said…
Name: Emily Rose Locara
gfc: Erl
Unknown said…
the gardenia scent sounds fragrant to me..this is indeed a lovely treat to your readers,Ms. Sarah...and if i get to'll be a fab birthday for me;)
Anonymous said…
Name: Joana Catbagan
AA said…
Aleya Albert Rama
AA Rama
carol said…
Carolina Sumague
Unknown said…
Christine Gapuz
GFC name: Diwata Luna
Serene said…
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Karen Dayle said…
Karen Dayle B.
GFC: Karen Dayle
Jessamer Abing said…
Jessamer Abing
GFC: Jessa Abing
dimplesgon said…
Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
Unknown said…
Name : Sheena Alaban
EMail :
GFC name : Sheena Alaban

Unknown said…

I wanna win this
Unknown said…
Anna Patricia Ladiana
GFC: Anna Patricia Ladiana
wow!You're so generous!hihi
A happy birthday!

Ohms Emocling
Yvonne De Villa
GFC account: mademoiselleyvonne
Unknown said…
Name: Marissa Lugtu
Email add:
GFC Name: Marzie Lugtu
Jellie Dawn said…
Anjelie Dawn Mendoza,,
GFC name: Jellie Dawn
Unknown said…
name: Krystal Jade Coronel
email ad:
gfc name: Krystal Jade Coronel
Mateja Novak said…
Name: Mateja Novak
GFC name: Mateja Novak
Michelle Lalic said…
Michelle Lalic
GFC: Cel
Unknown said…
Anonymous said…
ricalyn sicad