nivea like a pogi giveaway!

Pogi ba si Ramon Bautista? 

Ask me about 5 years ago and I probably would have said no. But you know things change...ask me now and I'll immediately say yes...and that's a good thing. The more I get familiarized with his personality, the more pogi he becomes for me. 

These days, being pogi is more than just having naturally good looks. It’s about having the right attitude that truly makes the difference.  Ramon Bautista is a multi-talented achiever, comedian, radio DJ, published author, filmmaker, producer, U.P. film professor, and National Peace Ambassador, he proves that it’s the character and confidence that makes the man. After all, a handsome man is but an empty shell for a big personality! 


NIVEA FOR MEN, the world’s no.1 men’s skin care brand, partners with Ramon Bautista to advocate this movement of being more than just looks, but also having the right attitude to go with it. So don’t just be a pretty face, be #LikeAPogi! Just like Ramon, put your personality at the forefront and charm your way to the top with wit, humor, and dashing confidence just #LikeAPogi! 

That is why it is no surprise why #LikeaPOGI hit the popular pages of Twitter, Instagram and Youtube (Sino is Ramon Bautista video). This just goes to show that cyber netizens are one with the idea of having a new breed of pogi that is confident with his attitude and looks. And to highlight this new gained confidence, NIVEA FOR MEN came up with improved Whitening and Oil Control ranges, now with enhanced effects to help you be a #likeaPOGI.

Want to win a NIVEA for men gift pack for the POGI in your life?

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Let's all make #NIVEALikeAPogi trend!!! 


dianneregina said…
Hi Ms. Sarah,
1. Followed your blog through GFC.
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5. Dianne Regina Batuigas

Gem Tadefa said…
Name: Roger E. Tadefa Jr.
Anonymous said…
Gilbert Arqueza
Unknown said…
Ramon is really POGI! :)

Belle B.
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alfredo estrella jr.
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Alfredo D. Estrella Jr.
Unknown said…
Alfred D. Estrella Jr.
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Unknown said…
Name: Angel Aragon-Manalata
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Kath Rivera said…
Katherine Rivera