October Style Icon on Chicify

I woke up to this surprise this morning and I really have to say how honored and flattered I am to be called a "Style Icon". Actually, pressured is probably a more adequate term. (hihihi) To be called an icon of anything is such a big responisbility and I never ever imagined that term to be associated with me ever.

....but it is with great gratitude that I accept this reward.

HAHAHAHA! Kidding aside, I am very very grateful, thankful and overwhelmed. More than glad that the stylish folks behind chicify recognize me and my humble blog. (grabe! as in :P)

Having said that, I hope you'll support me by checking out the feature + short interview HERE.

And while you're at it, you can shop my looks as well :)

And last shameless plug na, if you have time, also please check out http://weareveryday.ph/ where I was chosen as one of their style stars for October as well. Mwah! Thank you :)

Thanks guys and thanks Chicify and Wear Everyday! I feel the love! <3 p="p">

Happy October (fest) :P


Unknown said…
I love your looks and the layout!
Kath Rivera said…
Congrats Sarah! You deserve to be there :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Congrats! You deserve it, babe! =)
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Sarah! :) I've only started reading your blog the last few weeks or so and surprised to read that you're a mommy! Awesome sauce.