Plaid Blazer

These Crocs are fast becoming one of my most favorite shoes to wear on "flats day". They surprisingly go with almost anything and I don't even have to mention the comfort level. It's no secret that Crocs are one of the most comfortable shoes ever manufactured. That's why kids love them so much!

Wore this outfit to the mall last Sunday, Trinoma to be specific because I needed to pick up something there. Let me tell you, I am not stepping foot in that mall again ever on a Sunday. It was soooo packed turning what was supposed to be a leisurely trip into something quite stressful. Maybe it was also due to tha fact that  there was some sort of event promoting a new teleserye with Kim Chiu and Maya Salvador in it. People were going crazy, literally creating a human wall making it impossible to cross over to the other side where I needed to be. And don't you just hate when people push the small of your back despite obviously knowing that it's crowded and there's nowhere else to go? Really annoying. Just thinking about it irks me again. If not for the great selection of boutiques and super cheap prices in Landmark, I wouldn't even consider visiting again. But nothing really beats Landmark, right? You know what I mean. I just wish they would branch out like SM.

And that my friends, is my rant for the day. Phew! Hahaha, so anyway, I promised a review of Thai Bistro yesterday...Still working on it and getting some additional details. Will try to post by tonight so you can maybe drop by this weekend and try it out for yourself. And I highly recommend with a glass of white wine. Happy Weekend!!!!

Forever21 Plaid Blazer | Bershka Skinny Jeans | Jhajing Necklace | Crocs Cap Toe Flats | Blessed Online Stacked "Positivity Rings"


oomph. said…
Crocs are the best shoes ever made for kids! So light and comfy. It's great that they are expanding to make more fashionable styles for women...

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Issa said…
that shoes os definitely a must have! Crocs are really comfy! :)
Ysh ♥ said…
There was one time I went there and Eugen Domingo was doing a show, grabe lang! Daming tao and sakit sa tenga. Nakakawala ng freshness! lol

Love your outfit! Very chic! especially the necklace!
Chrissy said…
I totally understand what you mean about Trinoma being packed. It's horrific when that happens!!
a plaid blazer if not styled well can look dowdy but wow, you did it justice. looks soooo chic! <3 perfect for an afternoon errand..

i wish we had landmark here in Cebu...i badly wish we have the ramp as well. LOL.

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A N A G O N said…
Sobrang cool nga ng Crocs they gave us sana yun yung spare shoes ko kanina haha! :) Naiirita narin ako ngayon sa soft push pag asa mall or MRT lalo, napapalingon tuloy ako and death stare or minsan pag tired sinasabi ko talaga "kailangan may tulakan?" hahaha shet bitch mode nakakahiya! ;p I love Landmark din, miss ko na mag stroll around Makati's branch naman! :p
love this outfit! pwede kong isuot :) love the crocs flats too