Red Moto Jacket + Brit

Morning guys! Sorry about the two day hiatus, had to deal with some personal matters. 

Anyway, I wore this outfit to a food tasting with blog friends at Thai Bistro in Robinson's Magnolia two days ago. (the food is delish and reasonably priced! will post a review next).

Wore my new shoes from The Red Pumps (such an apt name don't you think?:P). When they first arrived in the mail, I actually found them quite bulky/clunky looking so I put them on the backburner for a bit but I shouldn't have. They are so comfy and in my opinion, look really good/better when worn. They're like my prodigal shoes now and they have found a space not just in my heart but front and center of my shoe cabinet.

unarosa jacket | glamour studio floral top | bag strap turned necklace via CMG | accessorize clutch | The Red Pumps Shoes | Anagon "lucky" bracelet and chevron ring | DIY skirt and other accessories (you can order the skirt by emailing

Big thanks to Paul for taking my photos.


KT Villanueva said…
i love the shoes and the bag
and awesome items from Anagon .
Anonymous said…
Oh wow, I love your shoes. Where did you buy it? :)
Apple said…
very lovely outfit ms. sarah, as always.
GORGEOUS SHOOOOES ♥ You're so pretty, Sarah! Love this look!

Arnie Villanueva
Kath Rivera said…
Love the look Sarah :) Chic and Fab as always :D
Chyrel Gomez said…
Very Brit looking! Love your red pumps and biker jacket!!
Anonymous said…
Hi, where did u buy your clutch? Thanls!
@anonymous: its from accessorize :)
Anonymous said…
i love ur watch!! where did u buy it? :)