It's fun to challenge yourself sometimes and see how many animal print articles you can get away with piling on all at the same time without looking like a tacky, old pimp. :P

Started with this new zebra necklace which was soon followed by the leopard print pants and finished off with these zebra cap toe pumps.

Can't chat much today, schedule is cramped. Gotta be in Res Toe Run Trinoma in a bit for the Shulong Yourshu event where my DIY shoes will be on display and me and fellow bloggers will be judging YourShu entries from different schools. Hope you can drop by. Will be there from 2pm-7pm. If you get a pair of Shulong's today, you can also have them designed for free by their resident artists. Pretty cool huh? Even for non-sneakerheads.
top ensembles | zebra necklace order from me | leopard print pants from forever 21 | zebra cap toe pumps from CMG | spike leather cuff from Jhajing


Techoy said…
you are like blair eadie in my eyes, can't go wrong with yet another winner outfit! i love animal prints & the pairing of the leopard print skinnies with the mustard top. ♥
Gellie Abogado said…
stunning, sarah. love the animal prints on your outfit :)
wow techoy, she's one of my idols. im not worthy! hahaha :)
Lourdes Espanol said…
I love animal print. Love the sexy shoes!
Issa said…
oh, you can pull off anything you wear Miss Sarah! lovely :)
I like your style Ms. Sara,Simple here yet vintage and chic.:)

Keep on posting and God bless!:)