axl rose costume for prive halloween ball 2012

Spent last night at Prive for the annual halloween ball + a joint birthday celebration of two friends. This event was marked in my calendar since a month ago but I kept on procrastinating about choosing and deciding on a costume until the last minute which was a few days ago.

I didn't really feel like spending on something I was only going to wear for a night so I decided to make something up with pieces that I already had in my closet.

Initially wanted to go as Imelda Marcos since I already had a Maria Clara gown from an event several years back but my "Ferdinand Marcos" had his heart set on dressing up like a rockstar for a night (talk about pent up frustrations. lol) and being part of the duo, I naturally had to oblige.

Dennis wanted to dress like Izzy Stradlin of Guns N' Roses so I went with Axl Rose. :)

Stepping inside Prive made me regret not putting more effort into my look, some of the costumes were really awesome like this guy dressed as Ironman.

Others I spotted was a really cool Homer Simpson, Pinocchio and Garth of Wayne's World. Should have taken more photos seriously! Wasn't planning to blog about this kse but changed my mind today cause I thought you guys might enjoy checking them out.

The birthday girls both looking hot in their costumes.

 Therese as a doll and Cheska as Olivia Penderghast from Easy A:

Brothers in Batman and Robin outfits, cute!

me and Snooki of Jersey Shore in the Prive Banyo:

After awhile, we decided to check out the Rockeoke happening at Craft and bumped into the Sun God while on the way:

Grabe right, makes you wonder where they get their costumes from. 

In Craft, the band did some awesome covers of old 80s favorites by Van Halen, Bon JOvi, etc. I fit in better here than Prive. :P

Called it a night around 5am and paid for it this morning with a splitting headache. Slept it off again and I feel much better now. Hassle talaga old age hangovers. hahaha


How'd you guys spend Halloween? 

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Chyrel Gomez said…
I love your costume!!! So cute of you and Dennis to dress up for Halloween. I spent mine sleeping. Boo! Boring. Haha!
Unknown said…
shet, ba't nga ba di ko naisip si axl rose? HAHA!
TheAuthor said…
You nailed it---the Axl Rose get up--- ang lakas ng dating:)Me, I Just stayed at home and nanggugulat lang ng mga umaakyat sa stairs with my sadako hair XD
Issa said…
you're right, i wonder where they get their nice costumes! i always have a hard time preparing for our halloween party coz I don't wanna spend much on something that i won't be able to wear again... anyway, i dressed as cleopatra on halloween and i made it the ghost of cleopatra to make it a bit scary, hihihi....