bauhaus x kickers

A Match Made With Style.

Like chocolate and caramel, some things are just meant for each other. The youthful, trendy vibe of Bauhaus’ line of fun urban brands meet their perfect matches this season thanks to a collaboration with Kickers, as the popular shoes make their way to Bauhaus’ shelves. With Kicker’s signature styles rounding out Bauhaus’ fashionable ensemble, the tie-up promises to ignite the wardrobes of Metro Manila’s most chic consumers.

Since its founding in 1991, Bauhaus has been offering sought-after apparel from its stable of excitingly fresh brands, such as 80/20, Salad, Tough, and Cheap Monday. Always on-style without being a slave to trends, Bauhaus’ multiple clothing lines feature urban clothing and streetwear for stylistas with a strong sense of fun. Modern, relaxed silhouettes are jazzed up by funky prints and a rich palette of colors to create collections that are vibrant and dynamic.

This design philosophy makes Kickers a perfect match for Bauhaus’ apparel. As a product of the cultural revolutions of the 1970s and 80s, Kickers has always been about exploring the freewheeling spirit of youth through fashion. The brand encourages its customers to never grow old, adding playful touches like brightly-colored laces to sturdy leather moccasins to put the “fun” in “functional”. Paired with the many excellent items from Bauhaus, Kickers’ energetic footwear marches to the beat of the next generation.

To celebrate this collaboration, a launch was held at The Rocketroom in BGC where several bloggers where invited to personally view the latest collections from Kickers and Bauhaus's labels.

I immediately fell in love with everything, including this male model. :P

Bauhaus is THE shopping mecca for individuals who want to stand out rather than blend in. 

A sucker for outerwear, I went completely nuts over the wide selction of leather jackets (in all shapes and colors) and faux fur-like leopard coats. (Graaaabe lang, as in! LOL)

Cheap Monday also has one of the best fitting jeans in the market and are truly affordable at around P3000/pair. The fabric they use is great. Soft with just the right amount of stretch and thickness and very cool details like skulls on the buttons.

Meanwhile, the new boots from Kickers are also to-die-for plus, you can take as much time as you want trying on different styles since I'm sure the men in your life, (those who tap their feet incessantly to show impatience while waiting for you to finish), will be busy trying them on as well.

I think I took over 30 minutes just deciding which pair to take home with me. It was so difficult narrowing down my choices since I really, really wanted to take home at least 3 pairs. They have this way of exuding an effortless cool vibe and they are so damn light for a pair of boots! Being "Fall/Winter" make it the perfect time to go shopping for investment boots. Besides the mid-cut ones will usher into the summer flawlessly as well, just pair with shorts or frilly sundresses.

I was drooling over this red leather jacket from Tough the entire time. Soooo pretty and the leather, lambskin I think, was ultra-soft and luxurious. Parang chanel 2.55 lang but on your back. oooh lalamazing.

So yea, I think it's obvious. I've found a new place to shop. If you're not in the mood to bump into someone at the mall wearing the same thing, then I suggest shopping at Bauhaus.

It truly is heaven for the rocker/boho/edgy set, both male and female included. (heart)

Take your man shopping here for instant male model points. :P

Kickers are now available at all Bauhaus outlets. 

Bauhaus currently has three locations in Metro Manila: Trinoma, Shangri-La, and Alabang Town Center. The clothing brand also has one branch in Davao, at Abreeza Davao.

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Anonymous said…
the top with the ballerina girl looks cute;)!-carmen watkins
TheAuthor said…
Gravaycious! Ang gagandang items!I so love the boots and yes....the jackets super trendy!
Issa said…
I love the jeans and the leather jackets too! :)
Tara said…
What's the price range more or less for their tops and pants? :)