cha life milk tea at nail it

Raise your hand if you've experienced insatiable milk tea cravings at odd hours.

I think we've all felt this at least once ever since the whole milk tea craze started. Because admit it, it really is quite addicting.

With Cha Life, you never have to go another day without your tea.

Cha Life is a new, affordable, instant milk tea drink that is easily accessible and a cinch to prepare. All you have to do is add water. Hot or cold tastes equaly good.

So yesterday, I had my Cha Life milk tea fix with some blog friends over a pampering session at Nail It!

We enjoyed limitless cups of milk tea while getting our manis and pedis. Such a perfect girly-afternoon combo thing, don't you think?

Cha Life surprised me by tasting exactly like the real thing sans the coffee jelly/pudding and pearls. I honestly couldn't tell the difference between the two which is great since a glass of Cha Life only costs P7.50* at 7/eleven. 

And since it's instant, I can hoard their sachets at any supermarket so I can enjoy my milk tea at the comforts of my own home, at all hours.

I'm hooked! Thank you Ms. Chique for the invite!

Try Cha Life milk tea out for yourself, I promise you'll love it! :)


Unknown said…
7.50? yay i will try this ..ty for sharing!
Unknown said…
7.50? yay i will try this ..ty for sharing!
Lourdes Espanol said…
That's what you call RELAXING!