Fooling around with the camera outside Podium a few days ago with Bestie while waiting for our meeting to start.

Makes me wonder what bystanders are thinking when they see two girls dressed to the nines on a sidewalk in the middle of a bustling bussiness district laughing their hearts out while taking each other's photos.

Moments like these take all the fun back into blogging.

Anyway, enough with the senti hits. Cutting to the chase with outfit info.

Ze purple or burgundy (depends how your eyes see it, I am personally colorblind when it comes to these two colors) curduroy blazer was a steal from my visit to The Appraisery a week ago. Brought it home for only P350 and I love it already to death. Planning to DIY it soon and attach some tan leather elbow guards. Nice, right? :) Seriously, the appraisery has a lot of cool stuff, make sure to add a visit to your weekly agenda.

Paired my new blazer with a classic black and white striped tee to coordinate with my bag and shoes, finished it off with a leather circle skirt in green amd a bright yellow bracelet for added contrast. As I reflect on my ensemble, I am hit with the undenying fact that I look like an eggplant. Oh well, I guess it's fitting anyway, just without the girth please. Thank you! :P

blazer from appraisery | bottomline skirt | glamour studio manila shirt | cmg pumps | envy leather bracelet | sm accessories necklace | anagon wire art accessories


A N A G O N said…
tapos sakin maroon sha hahaha! :D #colorblind #anobatalaga
The combination is amazing! :) Love this look especially the blazer and bag! <3

Unknown said…
I noticed how you've been into pointy pumps lately. I like them.
Sarah ♥ I'm in love with the photos in your blog!!! :) Ganda lalo! Nice seeing you that day. :-*
Anonymous said…
Hi!!! Please share where you got your celine bag!!!! Im dying to get one!!!! Please!!!!
Charity said…
Chari T (deep fried stilettos) xoxo
Unknown said…
ang cute.i can imagine me wearing this outfit!! :)
KC said…
Hi, Nice post thanks for sharing. Would you please consider adding a link to my website on your page. Please email me back.

jawsmayobanico said…
eggplant nga.. hehehe
Issa said…
love the blazer! nice outfit Miss Sarah :)
TheAuthor said…
Simply LOVELY...and the smile- genuine:) More power!Love the entire outfit,especially the bag and the purple jacket...

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