laura mercier holiday colour collection 2012 blogger event

Attended the annual Laura Mercier Holiday Collection blogger event last week at East Cafe.

This is something all of us look forward to each year because from experience, Laura manages to top herself all the time.

Being a woman herself, I guess she understands how fickle we can get sometimes. Laura M. knows just what it takes to pacify our ever-changing minds 'til the next holiday season.

Starting with their Bath and Body products. Due to the immense success of this collection when it was first released last year, Laura decided to add a few more scents and variations for this season.

The bath and body line now comes in 6 variants which still include our favorites from last year but with the addition of yummy new smells like tarte au citron, fresh fig souffle, new ambre vanille and almond coconut milk souffle.
Aside from new scents, Laura Mercier is also introducing an eau de toilette line with the same fragrance notes as her mositurizers and bath gels.

(more detailed info on bath and body sets/deals + prices in my next post)

Moving on to what I know you've all been dying to hear about: 

 Laura mercier's Holiday Colour Collection for 2012!

This year, Laura Mercier comes up with affordable sets and palettes in beautiful metallic shades and deep reds. Now, everyone can enjoy the glam look for just a portion of its original price.

Aside from discounted palettes, you can now also avail of holiday collection brush sets which start for as low as P3950 for a set of 8. Having been a Laura Mercier brush user for over 2 years now, this is one deal you should not miss. Not only are these brushes super precise, they also help you save on a lot of product. Cut down my make up time in half eversince I switched. 

Of the many palettes released this season, these 2 are by far my most favorite of them all:

The Flawless Face Book and the Artist's Palette for the Eyes.

Widely known as the best in the industry when it comes to foundations, primers and concealers, the flawless face book is sure to be a big hit with consumers. It's also great for Laura first timers who want to try out the "flawless face" look but are hesitant about buying the full-sized variants. The new snakeskin padded compact packaging also makes it a perfect travel companion.

The artist's palette which was initially created to compete with Urban Decay's naked palette contains the right balance of matte and shimmer in gorgeous shades that is sure to give it's rival a run for their money. It's cheaper too (which is always a good thing, am I right?)! :)

Laura Mercier's Signature Brush Collection Wenge Wood  Limited Edition 
 This dream brush set is perfect for even the most discerning make up enthusiast. The handles are made out of wenge wood and scream luxury from the base to its tips. It also comes in a pretty vanity case.

For a first hand look at the Colour Collection at work, the team behind Laura Mercier invited their resident make up artist, Qua, for a demo.

A closer look at the flawless at the flawless face book...

New mini kohl eye pencil sets which will make great gifts this Christmas...

just mix and match with these lip glaces for a surprise your girlfriends will love you for :)

speaking of girlfriends, I'm giving away 6 kohl liner/gloss combos to my twitter followers. All you have to do is tweet with the hashtag #LauraMercierFlawlessHitsManila and share this post. Will pick a random tweep and a favorite tweet starting today til the 22nd. While the rest of the sets will be given away on the night of the 22nd where we will make #LauraMercierFlawlessHitsManila trend at 8pm. Are you in?

Back to the event... here's Qua's model with a fresh application of Laura's new liquid eyeliner:

More palettes...

The colour-to-go portable palette is compact and great to take around with you all day for touch-ups!

While the Glamour Wardrobe Dual Decker for eyes, cheeks and lips contains everything you need to be able to coordinate your make up with your outfit perfectly. It consists of 8 eye colours, 4 creme cheek colours, 5 lip glazes, a double ended crease/smudge brush, a Tarvel pony hair brush, and a travel lip brush.

 Really exciting stuff. Will post complete product details and price in my next post.

Thank you again to the team behind Laura Mercier and Rustan's for inviting me! :)

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Have a nice day! :)


i know laura mercier has a range of wonderful products, cant wait to own one soon :)

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The Laura Mercier products seems very nice , i wish to own them :)