peplum bandwagon

I knew it would get to me sooner or later...

Actually, this neoprene and leather peplum top from Cotton On has been in my closet for quite some time already. I just never wore it out cause I find it a little too big on me. Didn't have anything to wear for the Zen Zest Diva Sing Off last Saturday so I decided to give it a go. It still feels a tad loose but I guess it's not so bad. That's the downside of being ultra-petite. I have such a hard time buying clothes, especially from western brands. Their smallest sizes are often times still loose on me.

ps. took up most of my self-control to not edit the last photo with a "happy holidays from fashioneggplant" text. Looks so festive noh? hahaha

neoprene/leather peplum top from Cotton On | blue suede skirt from forever21 | zara sandals | blue necklace and tan swarovski cuff to order from me 


Teng said…
I envy your size, I love loose dress and it still look good on you. Love the shoes too, it’s so sleek.
you look really pretty sarah! your hair is so nice :D
The Bargain Doll
Chyrel Gomez said…
So bongels that last photo. I agree about Western brands. I feel so skinny bitch kasi the small size is still too big for me. Hahahaha!
Issa said…
i love the last photo! you look good Miss Sarah!
Unknown said…
I like your necklace xoxox ..
Unknown said…
I like your necklace xoxox ..