SM accessories brand ambassadors unveiling at republic

November 15, 2012 - Republiq Club...

Marked the unveiling of SM Accessories biggest campaign to date featuring "The Supreme Four" which is composed of Xian Lim, Richard Guitierrez, Georgina Wilson and Anne Curtis.

This year's fashion shows have definitely been upping their ante and sm accessories' is no exception. It was a spectular, dazzling event where celebrities brushed elbows with Manila's glamazons for a night of gold, glitter and a spectacular production topped with bubbly.

Mxy Vj's Bianca and Chino covering the event
 To kickstart the show, models walked down the runway wearing pieces from the Sm Accessories holiday collection:

Which was followed by a "Tron Legacy-ish" dance performance to usher in the unveiling of the supreme four.

Sorry guys, shoot me now, I don't have any photos of Xian Lim, was adjusting the settings of my camera and wasn't able to get a shot in time :(

so, here nalang:

Anyway, after Xian (whom everyone was totally gushing over) came Georgina Wilson who was radiant in a velvet red dress with sheer accents:
Georgina Wilson for Sm Accessories
 Then a bonggang drum roll...

To introduce the 3rd memeber of the Supreme Four, Richard Guitierrez:

Richard Guitierrez on the runway for SM Accessories
His twin, Raymond Guitierrez was in the audience and was so adorable and enthusiastic about his brother representing the brand. He lost so much weight now that it's getting really difficult to tell the two of them apart.

And finally it was time for Anne Curtis to walk the stage and complete the supreme say she owned it is a total understatement. This girl really knows how to walk and captivate a crowd.

Anne Curtis at Republiq for SM Accessories

And while we were still busy oggling, a flash mob disguised as guests surprised us with a choreographed dance. It was my first time to catch a live flash mob and it was truly awesome to be in the middle of one...

After the obligatory toasts and congratulations, it was time for us bloggers to let our hair down and enjoy the night.

Hi Seph!
 It was super fun to catch up once again with old blogger friends that I don't get to see as often anymore...
Primadonna's Lady Rebels reunited once again! Me with Tin and Kookie
 while spotting the hot male models littered around the club. :P 

We had our eyes on this Ian Somerhalder look alike who was really cute pero medyo baduy/magic mike ang porma. (sorry, man. Tin would be happy to give you a makeover) :))

And after a few vodka 7's, it was time to head home with my loves...

Congrats SM Accessories for your great choice of  Brand Ambassadors and a VERY succesful show!

Up next, the latest offerings for Holiday 2012 by Sm Accessories.

Stay tuned.

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Have an awesome week ahead! :)


Hahaha natawa ako sa description mo with the Ian Somerhalder look alike!! Lol Sarah! Haha! Super sad I missed this event. But I'm glad you girls had fun ♥ See you soon!
Issa said…
wow, i'm speechless just seeing Anne Curtis' photos! gosh, she really owned it!
Bri said…
who's baduy? YOU?
@bryanboy: sometimes...hahaha
Chyrel Gomez said…
Haahaha! Natawa ako sa sinulat mo regarding the refurbished Ian Somerhalder! :P