The Appraisery

I dropped by The Appraisery earlier today to meet some blog friends for coffee, snacks and a little vintage shopping.

The Appraisery is a new cafe cum boutique located along Annapolis Street, just a few hundred meters away from Greenhills Shopping Center.

It's a cool, quirky place that kinda reminds me a lot of Central Perk from the TV series, "Friends".
A young, innovative, hip yet homey place where the owners personally tend to their guests and conversation flows freely amongst patrons.

It's a perfect place to bond with friends over coffee and delicious sandwiches inspired by places in the States like Oregon and California where one of the owners used to live.

The Appraisery is stocked with boardgames that guests can enjoy while dining. Fun, right? I can't think of a better way to spend a lazy afternoon than lounging with yummy food over board games.

Aside from being a full service cafe, The Appraisery also doubles as a vintage boutique with a twist. Not only can you shop for cool clothes and accessories, you can also bring your clothes in to be appraised (hence the name) and then later decide wether you'd like to sell it for cash, store credit or swapped with another item that catches your fancy.

The first of it's like in our country.

The cafe walls also double as a gallery. Beautiful photos and artworks are on display and available for sale.

(currently featuring photographs shot by Martin Lazaro)

Since I already had a couple cups of coffee in the morning, I decided to go with their Matcha Green Tea instead and a Hamocado and Oregon Tuna Melt Sandwhich. The Hamocado was really good, I never realized how perfect ham and avocado go together til this afternoon. Just ask them to serve the mustard on the side.


Later on, I had my skirt from Forever 21 appraised since I had my eye on this purple curduroy blazer...

 which I went home with. :)
 (got it for only P360!!!)

Aside from the sandwiches, The Appraisery also serves REALLY good desserts. Love their macarons and this red velevet thing that's sort of like a cross between a brownie and a cookie.

If you happen to be in the area, make it a point to drop by The Appraisery, they're open til midnight but closed on Sundays. Definitely a great hole in the wall discovery in San Juan.

The store is filled with unique and stylish clothing at very reasonable prices. They also sell a few records/lp's.
I really have a strong feeling that this place was built by artists for artists or people who appreciate all types of art wether it be music, fashion, photography, etc. There is something for everyone here. It's one great nostalgia place.

And here's a plus, each time you spend at The Appraisery, a portion of the proceeds go to their partner charity, Caritas Manila.

For more info on The Appraisery....

The Appraisery is located at 8 Annapolis St, Greenhills, San juan
You can call them at 02-6616154

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krissy ♥ said…
Is that the white skirt you told us about last night? :D

Ooh I want the brown sandals on the left side!
J. said…
What a fabulous concept! And the fact that they also contribute to a charity makes me like them even more...
Crysy said…
Wow! Nice gallery. :)
Anonymous said…
different concept..but definitely something that will click with Filipinos love for good food and fashion:)--carmen watkins
Jaja Borja Laure said…
This is a very interesting and fab concept! A wave of nostalgia just hit me when you wrote Central Perk. I miss 'Friends' big time!
Jaja Borja Laure said…
This is a very interesting and fab concept! A wave of nostalgia just hit me when you wrote Central Perk. I miss 'Friends' big time!
Issa said…
I like the concept of this place too, very unique....