a zen zest christmas

Several days ago, we were invited to the launch of Zen Zest's Christmas/Holiday gift sets and room fragrance sprays. To make things interesting, they decided to present the new products in a fun, christmas party-ish setting by hosting a karaoke party in Redbox, Greenbelt.

The owner of Zen Zest, Ms. Michelle Asence-Fontelera acted as our "ninang of the night" and promised to give out "ampaws" to everyone who displays their diva skills that night, hence the "Zen Zest Diva-Off" theme.

But before the singing, a short brand description of the holiday gift sets were first in order and that was soon followed by the presentation of Zen Zests' latest face and brand ambassador...

Zen Zest Holiday Gift Sets  price range around P75-P150*

Ms. Divine Lee!

Divine is the perfect choice for the brand because she has a certain fragrance fetish and can't stand anything smelly in an OC level kind of way. To the extent that it is a pre-requisite that ALL her suitors need to smell good or else they're kicked to the curb. 

Also, she is a dog owner, and most dog owners like me can relate that although we love those fuzzy furballs, they really emit a certain spunk that cannot be removed no matter how many baths you give them.

The fragrance sprays are the answer to all our stink problems at home...more on that later...

divine lee for zen zest
some shots from the party first...

The true divas of the night were beauty bloggers Shen and Martha. Man, could they sing. And not just any ordinary tunes either. They chose diffcult songs that require mucho belting which won them the coveted P5k prize.

Special mention required though are the adorable Enciso sisters, Vern and Verniece who sang Nikki Minaj's "Superbass" complete with dance steps. They sort of reminded of a grown up version of Sophia Grace and Rosie. Cute.

verniece and vern enciso

While the more courageous took the stage, us wallflowers of the night just decied to enjoy our drinks and enjoy the show...

me, ana and pax

Pax came from a photo shoot, earlier that day for an online mag, so baka may hangover pa because we cannot explain her pose. :P Bakit nga ba ganito paxiegirl? Ikaw na resident supermodel namin, Olivia :P

Anyway...back to the fragrance sprays which have become a mainstay in our household because I guess just like the majority of us... we prefer a great smelling house:

zen zest fragrance spray in anti-tobacco, kitchen fragrance and cabinet deodorizer

The complete basic line-up consists of the Kitchen Fragrance which has a strong chocolate-y smell and is potent enough to eradicate even the toughest of kitchen smells like tuyo. The ant-tobacco which is self explanatory and the cabinet spray which gets rid of the mustiness of stocked up clothes in the cabinet. Both smell really good. Not in photo is their "anti-mosquito spray".

We were so smitten with the initial line-up that we went back to purchase their "Christmas Spirit" spray which we now use as a general room spray. It smells delicious!

zen zest christmas spirit spray
The latest offerings from Zen Zest will make your Christmas shopping a lot easier. Everyone will love the wonderful and affordable fragrances that the brand has to offer.


Anonymous said…
I finally got to see you there! I was shy though to approach you.. You're very pretty!



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