ayala malls 12 days of christmas - day 1 atc

When it comes to compassion and tending to the human spirit with all things positive, Ayala Malls truly is the pioneer and the best when it comes to excellent customer service.

This holiday season, they have managed to encompass even themselves with a new treat for all their shoppers called the Ayala Malls 12 Days Of Christmas.

From December 10-21, 2012, Ayala Mall patrons will be surprised with random acts of kindness.

The first of which was held yesterday at Metro Supermart in Alabang Town Center where a spray of confetti and Christmas gift baskets were presented to a batch of customers while checking out:

Ayala Malls 12 Days Of Christmas - Alabang Town Center

The smiles on their faces make me wish I was at the center of everything myself.

happy shoppers surprised with christmas basket at metro supermarket, atc

The feeling must be similar to being caught in a flash mob just like in Howie Mandel's show, mobbed.

In this day and age where Christmas Spirit is getting more difficult to come by each year, Ayala Malls is doing a great job in reminding us what the season is truly about...that is a celebration of love and sharing.

Call me mababaw but watching this short video of the events that happened yesterday almost brought tears to my eyes. It is so rare that we are shown compassion by strangers nowadays that it feels like such a treat to feel loved by someone random albeit it being a large corporation :P

Anyway, watch it for yourselves, I promise you will feel a wave of Christmas Spirit right after:

There are still 11 days to go.

Hit an Ayala Mall nearest you, who knows, you might just be a recipient of a random act of kindness. 

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