bloggers united 4 day one outfit

romwe black circle skirt street style 
burgundy bowler hat

zara leopard pumps street style
Since I was super busy during both days of Bloggers United 4, I had to re-shoot my outfit. This is what I wore for the first day. Through the years, I have sort of learned the hard way that it is most practical for clumsy people like me to wear black during BU. My hands get so soiled handling money, clothes, shoes etc that I always end up with dirty fingerprints on my clothes. This way, no one can see. :))

Also, as you might have noticed, hats, bowler hats in particular, have become a mainstay for me lately. I find that it is the easiest solution to cover up the awkward stages of my hair. I am trying to grow it again but the in-between process is so frustrating.

Anyway, hope you guys have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Cheers to a great 2013! Only hope the best for everyone. xoxo

sm accessories bowler hat | forever 21 black sweater with white accents | zara leopard court shoes | romwe black circle skirt


preppinoy said…
Those shoes are fierce!!
Chyrel Gomez said…
I really want a bowler hat for myself, too. Love your outfit!

Happy 2013, love! <3
tse parfait said…
the hat is so cute tho! :p