free pizza and parking at BHS? #kindnessattheayalamalls

Picture this, your legs are tired, you maxed out your credit card from last minute christmas shopping, the last thing you feel like doing is paying for your parking ticket PLUS you have to rush home to make it in time to make dinner for your family. You basically feel drained.

Until you slowly approach your car and catch sight of a bright balloon mysteriously  tied to the side mirror of your vehicle. At first you think it's some kind of mistake until after further inspection you spy a red Christmas card that looks like this:

You wonder what that "surprise gift" is but you're too tired to dwell on it. You figure it's some sort of generic pen or calendar usually given away by large corporations for Christmas. No big deal.

So just like nothing happened and not really expecting anything spectacular, you make your way towards the parking lot's exit.

Instead of asking for your ticket and parking fee like usual, you are greeted with a smile, a box of pizza from Itallianis and a declaration that your parking for the day is on the house.

And just like that, all your fatigue and regret for (once again) spending a little too much over budget, is instantly wiped away.

That is exactly how some lucky shoppers parked at the Two Parkade in Bonifacio Hight Street felt yesterday when they were surprised by pretty ladies dressed festively in red with free pizza from Italliani's a free parking pass.

Don't you wish it was Decemeber all year round?

The Christmas Spirit is well and alive at all Ayala Malls with their 12 Days Of Christmas promo.

I wonder which Ayala Mall shoppers will be surprised today?