gcash american express virtual card unboxing and review + canon digicam winner

Good Morning Peeps! I have been itching to do this post since I received my first box but I had to wait until all my orders were complete and now they are, so here goes...

Just like me, you probably missed out on a ton of super tempting sales from international online sites because  of fears about shipping charges and corrupt custom officials.

After this post, I shall deem you fearless (and hopefully not penniless) just like me.

First, check out my globe gcash american express virtual card post, if you aren't so familiar with it yet because I will just give you the gist of it here. The Gcash Amex (short for american express virtual card), is the latest partnership from globe gcash. It's a virtual debit/credit card that anyone can apply for easily and is legit to use at almost 99% of all websites.

Even better is that when you shop online using your GCash American Express Virtual Card, shipping will be handled by their partner company, My Shopping Box, for a truly hassle free shopping experience. Your orders are delivered straight to your doorstep and not at the post office or some office in the mall or far, far away. 

Which would probably make you think that shipping charges are steep?

No, not at all.

For this experience, I ordered some goodies from the ZARA US website and a Canon Digicam for my giveaway.

Here is zee unboxing...

Let me just say that the experience of receiving a package from abroad is soooo much more exciting. This arrived a couple days after my birthday so it felt like I was unwrapping another gift (in some way, I guess I sort of was).

My box was wrapped in super thick plastic. I couldn't tear it apart with my bear hands (which was a bit anticlimatic), I quickly grabbed some scissors and started snipping. 

my shopping box review and unboxing

To reveal the most beautiful box I had ever seen...hahaha (addict lang)

A BIG ZARA box! Weee! (pardon me, getting excited all over again)

Some tissue to conceal the goodies...

And underneath, is one of the prettiest jackets I have ever seen. a fully beaded bomber!
Gorge but not exactly the most practical thing to purchase when shopping online internationally. It weighs about 5-6 pounds and since shipping charges are based on weight, I wouldn't suggest purchasing anything fully-beaded or studded. Unless of course it's as irrisistable as this then I wouldn't mind adding a few pesos to the budget. ;)

And then...underneath my jacket, voila!
 Another ZARA box. Sarap no? hehe, wish I could do this everyday.

Inside, my leopard court shoes! Here's the thing. You know how you sometimes get torn between buying a basic black/brown/nude pump? If you can't decide between the 3, get a pair of leopard pumps, it has all three colors and it will go with everything you own just as long as it's plain and not overtly printed. However, sometimes it's fun to clash prints. Just be careful when doing so.

Despite the weight and hefty boxes...added together, this package wighed roughy between 8-10 lbs, I only paid about P1500! pwede na right, considering it's delivered straight to my doorstep in a matter of 2 weeks. A corrupt custom official will sometimes charge you even double of that amount for a box this size.

And finally...your prize!

This took longer to arrive because I wan't able to order it on the same day due to a slight glitch on the amazon system. I ordered it through ebay instead.

Here's a little secret/tip/trick that I think most of you will find interesting and benefit from.

If you've ordered online before and used your credit card to pay, you'll be familiar with the sytem wherein you have to input all your credit card details before you can complete the process. It's confusing enough with a physical card on hand but it gets a little bit more tricky when your card is virtual because you need to access your card info first before you can complete the payment process(at least I do because I'm the very forgetful type). Admittedly forgetful, but I am also very persistent especially when it comes to a good deal. So naturally, I found an easier, more convenient way to do this. I simply enrolled it into my paypal account. Instead of a lengthy process, all I have to do now is input my paypal account details and that's it.

Back to unwrapping...

The camera came in a plastic courier packet not unlike those used by fedex, xend and the like. And by the way, shipping for this only cost me about P350. Pwedeng pwede!

Inside was the standard US shipping box:

And then some non-negotiable bubble wrap, and finally, the camera box! :)

Nothing quite beats the smell of new gadgets. I almost don't want to give this away. hahaha

It's pretty, it's sleek, it has an image stabilizer built-in, and it has rave reviews.

And today, a lucky reader of my blog will get to take it home.

The people of Globe GCash Amex have spoken and the chosen one is none other than...


Congrats Hollie and Merry Christmas! I couldn't have chosen a more deserving winner. I remember Hollie from the humble beginnings of my blog. Thanks for supporting me all the way. I really appreciate it girl. Enjoy your new camera! :)

That's it guys, will announce my xtrememac giveaway winners next. Have a nice day!


Hollie said…
OMGeee, I'm literally jumping for joy at 12midnight!!! lol

you have no idea how much this means to me! it's definitely a very merry Christmas.

Thank you so much sis from the bottom of my heart ^_^ Hugs!
peebee said…
Hi you were charged only 350 for shipment of the camera by msb? They have no minimum weight?

How long did the delivery take?
yup, P350 lang, no minimum weight, if i remember right, i think it took around a week. just make sure to sell shipper to use smallest box possible :)
Jolson said…
Hi question, how were you able to link your AMEX GCASH to paypal? When i try to input my US shipping address the country is set to philippines
hi jolson, i just did it the normal way i usually do any other card. baka they changed the settings around na? havent used it in awhile :)
Jolson said…
tanks for answering. :)
my pleasure jolson :) i enjoy interacting with my readers. :D
Anonymous said…
May i know what are the dimensions of these boxes? especially the cameras shipping box po?
hi anonymous! box size depends on the item youre purchasing and the company you order it from :)
arb said…
hi may i know what online store did you bought your canon camera from?
sarahtirona said…
Hi Arb! Got it from ebay :)