go nuts with donuts this christmas

Remember my past obsession with maxi skirts? I still have a soft spot reserved in my heart for the long sweeping style however lately, I've found myself wearing circle skirts with the same intensity I used to wear my maxi's.

I am especially in love with this one from Romwe. They were so cheap and yet really well-made for only $20 . Loved my first so much, I ended up getting it in all the colors available. I believe in multiples. :P

Another thing I can't resist is a good striped shirt. I found this one being sold for only P150 at one of the overruns booths while roaming the Greenhills night market with Pax and Ana a few days ago. Such a steal and it's fast becoming my favorite. And yes, I plan to go back and get all the colors, just wanted to try washing it first to see if it retains it's shape. 

wrangler denim jacket | striped shirt from greenhills night market | black romwe circle skirt | sm accessories gold neckpiece | topshop black and gold studded pumps | unarosa earrings


Kath Rivera said…
I miss go-nuts! After the glorietta vibe nakakita ako ng gonuts sa sm makati and bumile talaga ako nung Christmas cookie :) Thanks for sharing Sarah!
KT Villanueva said…
really cute donuts,
they really know how to
make cute designs without
sacrificing the taste.


Nom nom nom!! I love donuts, too! ♥