Greeka Kouzina, San Juan Review

Greeka Kouzina is located along P.Guevara Street in San Juan, really near our place and en route to my mom's house. Being big Greek food fans, me and Dennis have been dying to try it out but each time we pass the place, it's always packed.

Luckily though, a few weeks ago, we managed to snag a spot and finally check it out for ourselves.

Greeka Kouzina San Juan

Greeka Kouzina Philippines
 The menu at Greeka Kouzina is extensive with everything on it being equally tempting as the next. We had a really difficult time deciding what to order so we asked the help of their waiters. Their food may seem a little pricey at first glance but note that everything is served huge and big enough for sharing.

Being hefty eaters, we were quite skeptical at first about "sharing" because normally, when a restaurant says big enough for sharing, it still really isn't for us and we'd eventually have to order two viands anyway. But while deciding on what we were going to have for dinner we managed to spy the large plates on the table next to us so we decided to take the word of the waiter.

For starters, we settled on their Halloumi Salad (P380) which is grilled Halloumi Cheese on a bed of watercress greens. According to one of the owners, Halloumi Cheese is quite rare in our country. It's made with a mix a goat's milk, sheep's milk and cow's milk.

Each order comes with around 6 generous slices of grilled Halloumi Cheese. The texture of Halloumi is similar to string cheese but taste-wise they are nothing alike. Halloumi is salty and flavorful provinding a great contrast to the nutty watercress and tangy dressing in the salad.
Halloumi Salad Greeka Kouzina
For our main entree, we ordered the Roast Lamb Shoulder (P495).

Huge. Almost as big as two newborn baby heads. (morbid? sorry :P)

Anyway, it was huge, dripping with succulent juices and the flavor was just or-gas-mic. 
Despite being filled to the brim, being greedy, we were almost tempted to order another one because it was just soooo damn good. (One of the best lamb dishes I have ever tried.) And then we thought about our poor arteries and decided against it.

Lamb Shoulder Greeka Kouzina
 Since we already ordered two servings of their Spanakoriza or Spinach Rice (P180), to accompany our lamb.

Spanakorizo / Spinach Rice Greeka Kouzina
Spinach Rice is rice mixed with spinach, dill, mint and other herbs plus hefty servings of feta cheese on top. Sprinkle with lemon juice to finish.

I think the fact that we had two servings already speaks in itself. It's also a great way to fool your kids into eating Spinach.

So the verdict is probably obvious. Greeka Kouzina is one place you should definitely schedule a trip to no matter how far away you live or what time of day you decide to visit (they have gyros and dips perfect for merienda sessions too). I promise that you will leave with a happy tummy and a new appreciation (plus cravings) for Greek food.

Greeka Kouzina is located at 285 P. Guevarra St, San Juan, Metro Manila
You can call them at 6245974

ps. It's probably wise to call in ahead of time and make a reservation. Also, being fairly new, bring cash because I am not sure if they accept credit cards yet.


This post made me feel sooo hungry :-S Tawang-tawa ako with the description of your main entree!! Hahaha ang kulit, morbid nga momma Sarah!!
A N A G O N said…
Ansaraaaap huhuhu I love Greek foods! Next to Mexican! Hehehe! :D Interested ako sa cheese :p
SunnyToast said…
The Roast Lamb Shoulder looks delish...gutom ako! I guess time for me to try greek food hope this would make me a greek goddess/

Thank you for such informative post with this resto and wishing you joyous holiday season and smashing new year:)
Karen corpuz said…
good...thanks for featuring food/restaurant
i see this everytime i go to san juan. your post made me want to try to eat here! :D i hope the price is reasonable :)

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