leg love couture + elements by gold toe

Leg Love by City Lady has long dominated the fashion forward hosiery market in our country. When you think funky stockings theirs is the first name that comes to mind. 

A reputatation they have managed to retain not only by their cutting edge designs but also because of the quality of their products. Theirs are hosiery that doesn't easily run and manages to hold you in all the right places without the feeling of being suffocated.

This holiday season, Leg Love releases their latest Couture line created in collaboration with our FASH favorite TV and style savants, Bianca Valerio, Ferdi Salvador and Ram de Vera.

leg love couture by city lady
 The Leg Love Couture Holiday Collection 2012 features hoisery embellished with swarovski crystals.

(perfect for New Year's Eve!!!)

swarovski embellished hosiery stockings by leg love couture
It's just the thing you need to add the right amount of sparkle to any outfit...or spice to any bedroom scenario ;)

leg love swarovski stockings
Speaking of our other halfs...you know how much more particular they can get when it comes to shopping for themselves right?

Although they don't shop as often as us, when they do, it can turn into a painstakingly long day with them scrutinizing each and every detail of a particular item they are intending to buy.

Avoid those long agonizing question and answer portions between your man and the poor salesperson by taking them directly to the Gold Toe booth.

The new Elements line by Gold Toe is sure to please even the most discerning male in your life.

They are soft,  sustainable and VERY comfortable. 

They definitely passed the test with Dennis (who is very "OC-OC" when it comes to socks, trust me) so I'm pretty sure it'll fly with your men as well. ;)
elements by gold toe
 I personally love the minimalist design that will look great peeping out between leather brogues, slacks or dark wash denims.
elements by gold toe socks

Visit leglove.net for more info or visit your leading department stores to check them out in person.


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i've seen this in sm..the leg love