my #bu4 finds

I learned a valuable lessson from the past Bloggers United Bazaars, that is to make it a point to hire a helper.

For some odd reason, my schedule gets extremely busy pre-BU which leaves me hardly enough time to prepare hence the lack of a proper sign, helper, etc.

This time around, especially because we were having it for 2 days instead of 1, I really made it a point to get someone to carry stuff for me and watch my booth while I'm away. (last bu3, I was alone, couldn't even leave to go to the bathroom, have lunch or a drink of water! thank god for pax's mich.)

I also promised myself to leave some time for shopping because the last time I was able to purchase anything from BU was during the first and I would kick myself each time I see your tweets about stuff you were able to get. Just like you, I enjoy a good bargain!  :)

I must say, this year, me and my friends did pretty well for ourselves. (yahoo!)

So here's what I got....

First up, my most favorite find of them all...

mint condition asos leopard print booties from Ashley Dy for only P500!
I bought those on the first day and I loved them so much, wore them right away for the second day.

vintage lime green sheath dress from Pax for P250
In true BU tradition, we always tend to shop from our boothmates during hours when we can't get away from manning our own booths...

This year, I was boothmates with Ava again which is always cool since we wear the same size shoes and clothes.

Bought this pair of pink wedges from her, it has a low heel which makes it great for everyday errands.
vnc fuschia pink wedges for P300
 And a denim maxi skirt, for only P100!  After all these months of circle skirts and shorts, I'm kinda missing my maxi's. Maybe I'll go back to wearing them soon.

And last but not the least are these branded vintage clothes from Cheyser which needs some minor repair but no mind since they were super cheap anyway. 

max studio denim sheath dress for P100

ysl striped mini skirt for P150

Super happy with my finds! My only regret this time around was not being able to take photos of everyone, would've loved to catalog the event through my own point of view. I guess I'll just have to resort to grabbing photos. Tag me, okay? Thank you! :)


I love everything! Especially the pink sandals! :)

happy we're boothmates again!:) you forgot your joint custody book! haha :D
Issa said…
wow, everything is a steal! great finds Miss Sarah! :)
Shyne Marasigan said…
Hi I was the one who bought your blue metallic shoes. HIHI. =)) Sabi na sayo i-vvisit ko blog mo eh. Laveeeeeeeet!!
Shyne Marasigan said…
Hi! I was the one who bought your blue metallic shoes. =)) Sabi na sayo vvisit ko blog mo eh. Laveeeeeet! ;)
Chyrel Gomez said…
The striped skirt, I love! I seem to be always on MIA. #loudanddeepsighs