studded shoulder black sweater

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unarosa shoulder studded black sweater - new favorite!!!

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Would you mind if I allow myself a few sentences to rant? I just need to let out some steam and being currently alone in the house, there is no one else I can talk to.

I just want to share how stressed out I've been lately. It seems like life is going on too fast for me to keep up, there are just SO MANY things that need to be done in a single day it sometimes seems impossible to be accomplish everything already. It's even harder when each task is as important as the next which basically makes prioritization obsolete.

Last week was jam packed with events I could not opt out of. Some days had 3 or 4 lined up which left us no option but to rush from one to the other. The day these photos were taken was one of those, add to the fact that I had so many chores to finish before leaving left me an hour to shower, get dressed and think of an outfit to wear. That is when monochromatic ensembles come in handy. Basic no-brainers in different textures that you can easily mix and match without difficulty. I think everyone should have several pieces of these in their closet for those beyond busy days.

Anyway, back to ranting...the only thing that kept me going last week was knowing this week would be spent mostly at home. I was planning to have a laidback week of pampering but it's just soooo frustrating that things somehow got busier in the house too. I am still left puzzled and without time. Makes me think, am I moving slower or has time managed to fast forward without my noticing? I just want a breather, a whole day without doing anything. I miss hanging out on the couch watching bad tv.

Maybe a vacation is in order.

unarosa studded black sweater | diy leather pencil skirt | cmg pumps | jhajing cuff


KT Villanueva said…
love the studs,
you are rocking this look well.


Issa said…
you should take a vacation! you deserve it Miss Sarah! :)
Chyrel Gomez said…
Hit the beach or hire an assistant! :p