supersale bazaar 2012 top picks

I spent the last 2 days hanging out at Supersale with Ana, selling goodies, munching down humongous slices of pizza from Sbarro and window shopping, yes window lang until further notice :P

Anyway, here are some of the items that caught my fancy while checking out the different stalls at the Supersale Bazaar in the World Trade Center Tent:

Of course, first up are these wired art accessories from Anagon Collection.

You can't deny the fact that they are super unique and exude eons of personality that they are fast becoming a blogger's favorite!

Ana was also recently nominated for the Most Fashion Forward award by Multiply so if you have time, please vote for her HERE.

And in case you're wondering, she accepts custom orders while you wait.

 Up next are these super cute YSL inspired plastic earrings, I would've instantly snagged them up if they weren't orange, but if orange is your thing, they're just divine. Still giving myself a couple days to think about it but I have to admit, they've been stuck in my head ever since I laid eyes on them.

YSL inspired drop earrings at SUpersale
 You will also find a plethora of unique hats, like this red studded baseball cap...

red studded baseball cap

And these super chic swarovski encrusted cuffs that I was selling yesterday for only P350! ;)

swarovski encrusted leather cuffs

pop culture rings

tweed shorts

Spotted a long-sleeved Prada-ish dress that I really wanted but forgot to purchase, hope it's still there when I get back :/

I even forgot which store! grrrrr....

prada inspired dress

As always, JP never fails to bring unique and quirky accessories to the plate:

I was also surprised to see a stall carrying these Bunny Brush Sets by Sigma.
I've had the black Mr. Bunny set for some time now and I really love it. The bunny sets are made with vegan fiber but work just as well as the natural hair counterparts. It includes everything you need for a flawless make-up application.

Sigma Bunny Brush Sets
 Adorable "LOVE" bookends...forget which artist originally created these but the miniature versions are soo hard to resist!

Lots and lots of affordable cap toe flats in all the colors you can imagine...

 And my most treasure find of the day are these accessories by Laia...

been visiting her booth every single day just to drool and stare. Each piece is beautiful and exquisitely handmade.

PS1-esque satchel from Chelsi Leathershop

Also requiring special mention are the stalls of Satchmi and Jhajing where I wasn't able to take any photos because I was just really overwhelmed with their awesome selections of LP's and clothes.

A visit to Supersale is really worth your time since you will be able to purchase most items usually just sold online at irresistable bargains.
Supersale will be open 'til the 5th of December from 10am-9pm


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Oh my, maybe I should go there after work!
love the finds! wish i was able to go!