tarte holiday collection at slice, bgc

 Spent yesterday afternoon at one of my favorite restaurants in BGC to view Tarte Clothing's Holiday Collection.

It was an intimate event held at Slice where a few bloggers got familiarized with the label and it's baby-faced owner, Stacey Villanueva, over coffee and sumptuous snacks.

Stacey Villanueva of Tarte Online
Some of the delicious food we enjoyed at Slice...pasta, paninis, cheese and coffee. It was a shame I didn't have enough time to hang around for dessert. I'm not sure what they had but I am a big fan of Slice's Yema Cake. 

The man with the plan, Slice's owner supports Tarte :)

Back to the clothes...

If you've been following my blog for sometime, you are probably aware of my inclination towards outfits with a black and gold color palette.

Tarte Online's baroque-inspired holiday collection is filled with gorgeous pieces in the aforementioned colors which explains my inability to control myself from trying on most of the pieces yesterday despite the lack of a dressing room.

To say I was smitten with everything is an understatement. I immediately reserved my favorites after a quick look through their rack of clothing:

black and gold lace peplum dress from Tarte Online

Tarte Online Peplum Tops
Aside from the gorgeous food and clothes, I also got the chance to meet some young bloggers:

And I didn't just go home with new friends and a full satisfied tummy I also got to take home A LOT of stuff which Stacey, painstakingly personalized for each of us from Estee Lauder, Empanada Mas, Fancy Flats and of course, Tarte! (Thank you so much Stacey, you deserve a big bear hug!)

Aside from new pretty clothes, I also got these accessories that go perfectly well with them!

Catch Tarte at the Rockwell Moonlit Bazaar 'til midnight today or visit their Facebook page to order online.


Super ganda nung black and gold lace peplum dress!!! AHHH ♥

J. said…
Those tops are beautiful, so perfect for the holiday season! Such a great event! (I love black and gold too...so chic!)
Unknown said…
First off the food looks delicious, im obsessed with melted brie. I also really like the skirt, that gold design is wonderful!

ErikaRodica.com said…
Why do I look overly happy in this photo? Haha!