yabu opens in sm moa

Great news for people down south! 

You no longer have to trek all the way North each time you get a Yabu Katsu craving because Yabu just recently opened its latest branch in SM MOA.

We got to the grand opening ahead of schedule  but no mind since earlybirds were treated to delicious glasses of wine and chips.

earlybirds: earth, kelly, paul and ana

Yabu's band manager genius, Denise Cabotage, getting things ready

all the way from Japan....Yabu's Chef Kazuya
Before we knew it, it was time to cut the ribbon and get our Katsu on.

Mr. Sy, Mr. John Concepcion and Mr. Gerry Santos cutting the ribbon for Yabu SM MOA
Special guests for the night included Yabu's friends from the media, lifetsyle editors, food, fashion and lifestyle bloggers as well as some celebrities:

Everyone was eager to try out Yabu's latest additions to their menu but before we could sink our teeth into these new delights, it was first time to indulge ourselves with some old favorites like their potato salad (which me and ana always bogart each time, all the time :P) and their seafood wakame.

Did I mention that their potato salad is divine when sprinkled with a little of that wonderful s&b pepper in the green capped bottle? It is. Sooooo good, I never get tired of it.

Yabu's Potato Salad

Seafood Wakame at Yabu

Good things come in 3's. 

There was much to celebrate this night because aside from opening a new branch and adding items on their menu, Yabu also just recently launched their website!

At Yabu.ph, you can view their menu, store locations, special promos and reviews. A new addition called "fanatics" also gives you the chance to be featured on their website. Just remember to tag @yabuph whenever you tweet or instagram about yabu. :)

Back to the food...

Probably the main reason why my friends, family and I can never get enough of Yabu is their consistency and excellent service. It doesn't matter which branch you go to, you will always get the same quality food and personalized service.

This night was no exception when Yabu's executive chef, Lee Jose personally dropped by our table to mention that he heard there was a vegetarian around and promised to serve up something extra special for Ana.

While waiting for Ana's special surprise dish, the new items from Yabu's menu were served to our table starting with the Menchi with Cheese Curry.

Menchi with Cheese Curry

Menchi is ground beef and pork that is breaded together, in this case with cheese. Surprisingly, the creamy texture of the cheese set off the spiciness of the curry perfectly. The polarity of the two very different flavors work extremely well in omitting the "umay" factor.

Yabu Soft Shell Crab Katsu
I am not really a fan of soft shell crab, I tend to like my crab fat and meaty without the shell. Yabu's Soft Shell Crab Katsu is the only exception to the rule. I initially took a bite just for the sake of it but when I dipped that crab into the mustard/horseradish then afterwards into a special layu sauce, I was sold. It is delishhhhhhh and a perfect order for people who desire lighter fare on certain days. Yum yum yum!

Menchi with Cheese at Yabu
And finally, the Menchi with Cheese...which kind of reminds me of cordon bleu but asian style. I am sure this  will be a new favorite among kids. Forget peanut butter and jelly, breaded meat and cheese is the new perfect combo.

After much anticipation, Ana's special vegetarian dish arrived! Replacimg her typical traditional vegetarian katsu set was a tofu special katsudon and a regular tofu/veggie katsudon. So hooray for all vegans out there, now you have equal options as meat eaters.

A big fan of tofu myself, I found myslef salivating over her special tofu katsudon set. It's sooo good I just might order it myself on our next visit.

Needless to say, everyone went home that night with happy tummies.

Japanese Kirin Beer at Yabu
And happy, albeit a bit tiddly, hearts. :)

I can't really explain why but it's always a happy dining experience each time we visit Yabu.

and make sure you like/ follow them on instagram and twitter (@yabuph)


Denise Cabotage said…
Thanks Sarah!!! Bet ko yung brand manager genius!!! Can I grab the photos? :) See you again soon!
Denise Cabotage said…
Thanks Sarah! :) Bet ko yung brand manager genius!!! Hehehe can I grab the photos? :) See you again soon!!!
Issa said…
this is making me hungry :)