zara sequin bomber jacket

black ankle boots street style

zara sequin bomber jacket street style

cesa key necklace 

topshop ant boots

topshop ant boots street style  
three buckle ankle boots street style
Something glittery and sparkly today to welcome the eve of the eve of 2013!

Proudly wearing my new Ant buckle platform boots from Topshop which everyone was against me buying. See, it was a decision between these and the Jeffrey Campbell Don't Evens. Everyone wanted me to buy the JC's but I just couldn't resists these lovely androgynous boots. Anyway, being the shoe addict that I am, I ended up getting the JC's as well after a couple days so all the debates ultimately was a waste of time. I just couldn't resist.

Well, gotta get ready in a bit. Me and my "blog family" are having a year ender celebration at my place in a bit so I gotta start freshening up and starting work in the kitchen. What have you guys got planned for new year's eve? :)

zara sequin bomber jacket | kashieca x jc buendia black shorts | diy top | topshop ant buckle platform boots | sm accessories bowler hat | cesa key necklace


Unknown said…
babe, i really am in love with your jacket. happy new year!
Megann Monday said…
Love your boots! I think it was worth it :) Have fun tonight! :)

♥ Megann of Style Surgery
Chyrel Gomez said…
I mistook you for Kookie when I saw you post this photo in FB. I'm envious of your shoe collection na. Happy New Year!

cheers to more outfit in 2013!
Anonymous said…
Nice outfit Sarah. <3

Katarina said…
love your hat and jacket!
lawyerdoll said…
I so love this jacket! I hadn't stopped by in awhile, glad to see you are still blogging!
AHHH!!! If ever you get tired of wearing that bomber jacket, please let me have it! Hahaha ganda as always, momma Sarah! ♥ Happy New Year and looking forward to see you more this 2013!