black white tweed jacket street style

zara denim skinny jeans

Aahhh, the awkward know what I mean? They usually happen right before you get your period or during (if there are any guys reading this, sorry :P). The in-between days that you don't feel like yourself, become extremely fickle and unexplainably extra clumsy. The clumsy part I still don't understand to this day. It gets so bad sometimes that it also affects Dennis. Weird, supernatural period. But, the part I hate most is bloating. And what makes me hate it even more is because other people don't seem to notice any changes, but I do, big time. Although my body looks the same naked, my clothes  don't fit the same way for some reason. And, these are the days when it takes extra long to get ready. Maximum effort, minimal impact. (sigh*)

So this happens every month and it gets so frustrating especially since I started blogging because there is more pressure to wear something presentable so I can take a photo and update. It gets harder when you're working on a tight schedule because your photographer needs to get "other things done" asap. 

With not much time to think, the easiest thing for me to do is put together a black and white ensemble based on a pair of favorite denims plus a pop of brown to add some contrast...really, how imaginative of me. ha-ha-ha.

It may not be the most exciting outfit (evah) but at least it's idiot proof (and period proof).

tweed jacket bought from friend | zara skinny denims | topshop basic white shirt | cmg black pumps | rayban meteors | anagon lucky bracelet | earrings from unarosa


Denise said…
haha! I can totally relate Sarah! :) I am pms-ing now and I just feel so bloated and gonna explode any minute.:)
Anupriya DG said…
That jacket looks exactly like it's come from one of the Chanel collections!!! <3
jawsmayobanico said…
Normally when that certain day of the month comes, I feel like everything is wrong. I need time on all the things I need to accomplish for it seems not right..Sadly we have to go through this every month. *sigh* By the way, love the tweed jacket!
Unknown said…
i love your jacket. i dont like the bloated part also, akes me conscious when wearing figure-hugging clothes