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We all get a sugary drink craving once in awhile right? Well why not make it worth the trip and the calories?

Instead of purchasing plain juice, why not get something that will make your skin glow or improve your digestion at the same time? Makes sense right?

Friends, let me introduce you to Beauti Drink, one of Thailand's hottest (or should I say, coolest? :P) drinks and is brought to you by the same people behind Mogu-Mogu (the cute drinks often seen in Bon Chon chillers).

Beauti Drink comes in 2 variants. One with Collagen and another packed with Fibre.

beauti drink
Why Collagen?

Normally, our body can produce its own collagen. However, by the age of 20,
production gradually decreases and causes the skin to lose moisture, which
leads to wrinkles and dry skin.

That's why.

sappe beauti drink
Beauti Drink is packed with 1,000 mg of marine collagen per bottle,
a naturally occurring protein found in the body, which helps retain
moisture within the epidermis and leads to smoother, glowing and youthful

For fitness enthusiasts, try the fibre version which helps promote a
healthy digestive system and contains L-Carnitine, a safe and proven fat burner.

beauti drink fibre and collagen
Beauti Drink is my latest sugary drink addiction. 

Check them out for yourself at all Mercury Drugstores and 7 Eleven outlets.

To learn more about Beauti Drink, visit their social networking sites:
Twitter:  @BeautiDrinkPh


sounds very interesting. thanks for sharing.
lovely greets
maren anita

maren anita

Unknown said…
Ok, I understand the fiber version of this drink - probably works fine. But I dont understand how collagen can be absorbed from bowel- won't it be metabolized before that and turned into something else aka just amino acids? Does it have same effect then as real collagen?
Idea is great, but does it really work?
Kath Rivera said…
So it's already here in our country. My tita from thailand and vietnam said and daming variants ng ganitong drink doon. THanks for sharing :)
Unknown said…

I would love to send you some of the accessories Im selling.

Please let me know if its ok with you.

hi liis, as of now, i dont know yet but will update if i notice any noticeable changes :)
hi charmie! i would love that, kindly email me at thank you! :)