ray ban brown meteor sunglasses
red motorcycle jacket street style
leather pants street style
 Good Morning Manila! 

I say good morning because today I woke up at 3pm. I haven't done that in ages. Last night was quite epic. Had drinks in Locale. It was the first time for us old farts to check the place out. Turns out they were playing classic hip hop from our time. Think the likes of Skee-lo and Naughty By Nature. Old Skool and awesome. We lost track of time and in our drunken stupor, we somehow found ourselves in Reserve. Classic. I think we got too carried away with the music and had this temporary misconception that we were 10 years younger again. Well, I'm paying for it today and I don't think I have anything left in me to go out again tonight unless someone plays some 90s grunge.

2013 sure looks like a lot of fun and very promising!
work hard, party harder.

unarosa red motorcycle jacket and earrings| topshop black leather pants | zara sandals | tonic studded leopard print clutch | veloci watch | rayban meteor


preppinoy said…
red + black = HOT !!!

Happy New Year, by the way. :D
Roxanne said…
really looove the last photo Miss Sarah! pang cover ng magazine ang peg! :D
wow- such a perfect look. love your pants and your sunies.
good style.
lovely greets
maren anita

A N A G O N said…
Cute niyo! ;) Ang kulit lang :D
saraaah!! i love your pants and your blazer!! i wish i have that too :)
The Bargain Doll
Unknown said…
I want that EXACT motor jacket!
Helen Blas said…
I loooove the red motor jacket! :D